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The Wonderful Effects of Smoking On The Body

Updated on September 10, 2009

The Wonderful Effects of Smoking On The Body

Smoking is apparently killing us.  Did you know that?  At one point in my life I thought, why don't I start smoking.  I have tried it and it wasn't for me.  I then thought, how can people keep smoking?  Isn't it effecting their lungs and heart? I did a some research to find the effect of smoking on the body.  Let me tell you something the results aren't that pretty.

You heart is effected by smoking cigarettes.  High blood pressure is something that many smokers experience.  This is because of the nicotine.  The nicotine also help smokers experience the ever so wonderful blood clots.  Also, with the intake of carbon monoxide, you are taking the oxygen away from your blood, and therefore, increase the chances of heart failure.

Smoking cigarettes effects your lungs.  When you smoke a cigarette, all the chemicals that it holds decides to eat away at the your lungs.  The specific region is the Bronchi.  With the constant eating away at your lungs for a long period of time, you will increase the chances of disease and infection due to weak lungs.  Do you ever hear a smoker coughing?  That is because his or her lungs have been taking in smoke for so long and are now possibly infected.

Your hands and teeth receive the effect of smoking.  After a few years of smoking, your hands get its share of the wear.  If you look at a smokers hand--mores specifically the finger tips--you notice them start to change color.  The color is a nice yellow.  Also, your teeth get a beating as well.  Just like your hands, your teeth start turning a nice yellow.

These were a few effects of smoking on the body.  It is not pretty, but this is the price you pay for the lovely taste of the cigarette.  I hope you now understand that it may be time to quit--if you value your life.  So remember, if you continue to smoke you have these complication in the road ahead.


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