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Organization Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

Updated on July 28, 2016

Good organization is the key to success in every area of life. Great personal and business success depends on a stellar organization. The home life, workplace, classroom and the community cannot effectively thrive without structure. An unorganized lifestyle, business or classroom will lead to failure, chaos, and shame. Therefore the top priority for sustaining a quality existence in any reality is to focus on excellence organization.

Causes of Poor Organization

There are several challenges that derail good organization, including lack of motivation, irresponsible habits, crisis situations, unwillingness to resolve issues and simple ignorance of the importance of organization to success. Many people may wonder how successful athletes lose their millions soon after they retire. They squander their money on parties, vacations, fancy cars, jewelry, and friends without considering the state of their back account. Their budget is non-existence or poorly organized.

Moreover, a business that drives away customers due to poor quality, inaccurate information and slow response to orders, lack of organization is an issue. Sometimes, in an attempt to defeat the competition a business may take on too many initiatives, resulting in chaos. Hiring the wrong people can also cause an organization to become disorganized. Inter-department conflicts, unwillingness to agree on a shared vision and an improperly trained staff are all conditions for a chaotic environment.

Organizing Specific Arenas of Life

Home life

In order to create good organization in the various arenas of life, a number of strategies must be implemented. For example, if your home life is out of order, you need a “check list” or a “things to do list.” Get rid of things that you absolutely don’t need and organize valuable items where you can find them if necessary. Eliminating items you don’t need free up space and creates a sense of optimism. When things are cluttered and in the way, depression can creep into our lives.

Creating a “things to do list” for our home life will hold us accountable for getting things done on a daily basis. Let’s face it; things need to be done in order to keep good organization. Constantly putting things off leads to piles of clutter and creates stress in the home. When the home is out of order, it will be difficult to establish order in other places, including the workplace.

Rating the Organization in Your Life

Is Your Life Ruled by Good Organization?

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Businesses must keep order a top priority in order to attract and keep customers. The right people must be hired and the wrong people fired. When a company suffers from irresponsible, self-willed, combative employees, the business will experience disorder and chaos on an increasing scale. Poor quality, inaccurate delivers and dissatisfied customers are the result of an unorganized business. Good customers flock to the competition when these things occur.

Good organization within a business begins with great leadership, management, vision, measurable goals and milestones and a passionate staff who is willing to move toward the vision day after day. Focuses on quality assurance, customer satisfaction, inventory and high morale among employees are only a few of the targets that will keep the company effectively organized.


Order, direction and classroom rules must dominate in the K-12 classroom. Students must know who is in charge. Timid teachers don’t last that long in today’s classroom. Classroom management is a necessity if any teaching is to be effective. When teachers are unwilling to manage the classroom properly, other teachers have to step in. If this occurs, a classroom teacher can lose her authority and respect among the students. Dismissal can soon follow.

Moreover, in the classroom, teachers must have a lesson plan with goals and objectives. Not only must she know the goal of the lesson, this must also be conveyed to the students. Allowing students to know the expectations of the lesson will go a long way in eliminating confusion. Teachers who neglect the lesson plans will experience chaos. Students will not know what to do next, an issue which can create constant disruption.

How Organized are the People in Your Workplace?

How Many Unorganized People In Your Workplace? How often Does it Interfere with Performance

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Great teachers have great organization. They teach students to honor expectations, value education, and reach for excellence. Students know who is in charge in the presence of great teachers. Logical consequences are administered right away. Students know the rules and dare not cross the lines that great teachers set.

Teachers who need to master classroom organization should invest in books, videos and seminars that offer effective techniques for good classroom management. Implementing the principles and techniques of classroom organization will show students that you, as a teacher, really do care about their education.

The Community

The source of good organization in the community is a citizen who is passionate about caring for the environment. Studies show that people who care about their communities also work along with law enforcement to keep out unwelcome activity. Neighborhood watch groups, recycling programs and community gatherings help keep a community attractive and safe for citizens.

A person who desire to bring good organization to a community must create a vision and recruit like-minded individuals to align with the vision. Connecting with others who love good organization will go a long way in bringing transformation to environments that once attracted neglect and oppressive activities.

Great success in any area of life starts with exceptional organization.


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