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The World Today Needs a Big Hug, and a Dosage Of Love

Updated on November 25, 2014

We live in a world...

As parents, we make sure to give our kids a safe and loving environment. We want them to grow up in a beautiful environment, where love reigns and anything is possible. We have that control, for a while. But what happens, when they grow up and step into the real world?

As I was sitting here, watching the news, something I honestly try not to do, because it just fills me up with fear and sadness, I realize this world needs a hug. The times of solving problems with conversations is ending fast, and now it seems like violence is the only answer. We live in a world, where we cant send our children to school without the fear, of "what if" something happened. We live in a world that people are hated because of their race, economical standing, and even for whom they love. In a world that religion is not respected anymore, and where screaming has become the way of "being heard"

Everything changed when I became a parent

As a parent, I am raising my little ones with love. I want them to learn to respect everyone and to understand that we are all different, and that is what makes us beautiful. I want them to understand that we all have different views, different opinions, and we need to respect that. I want them to feel safe, but how can I teach safety, if when I go to the playground I spend more time checking the surroundings, than I do playing tag.

I remember life before kids, it was all so different then. I remember feeling free, and happy. I remember my parents always telling me to always be safe, and I would laugh because I didn't quite understand what they meant at the time. The world was my playground and I was having a blast. Everything was fine, until I became a mom. It happened so fast, like a flash, and suddenly this world became very different. I started to understand my parents, and what they meant when I was young. Here I was at 29, holding this precious life, and the world forever changed.

I believe we can change this world, to a better place

I believe there are still more good people out there than bad. Am I naïve for thinking that we can change this world? Well, we can, and it begins at home. I don't want my children to grow up in fear of who they are or want to be. I want them to feel free to express themselves, and speak their minds as long as respect is involved. I believe that what this world really needs is a revolution of Love. A big hug, more smiling at strangers, slowing down to enjoy the beauty of the day, to stop saying that this world needs help and actually helping it. Call me Naïve, but this is what I believe.


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida

      We definitely need a mutual respect for one another.

      And as you say, if we loved more and cared more rather than resorting to violence then our world would be safer, happier, and a much better place for each of us.