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The Grace of Gratitude and Living

Updated on June 12, 2013

Grace and Peace

The journey towards Grace

Imagine a world that you had loved being snatched away from you, and only leaving you with yourself. The one that you had loved more than life, moved to heaven, the home that you two adored is gone, and the existence you knew disappeared. Your life is gone. Hard to imagine for some, but for others they can imagine it, since they have experienced this. Those who do understand have experienced a loss be it through death, weather or other major catastrophes. It is in this group that I have found others who have also later went on to discover a peaceful existence. Thank goodness there are also those who have found this without going through trauma. They all have learned that the reality of finding utopia outside us is a delusion. We can only seek peace, joy and love within. This is not something that happens all at once but is a life journey. Each are committed to their journey.

I have been one of those who experience a horrific trauma, which led to me losing everything of value. It was through my drowning in drama and self-pity regarding losing everything that I arrived at an epitome; I could choose to live in grace. How can anyone go through this with grace? I wasn’t sure, but I knew it could be possible. That I knew, and wanted to try.

Grace, Gratitude and Changes

Grace and Changes

Making changes

Shortly before I had my epitome, I was starting to understand the depth of how we create our own reality. I knew that I have been creating my own personal universe. This was from making decisions from a reactionary level. How did I stop it? Trust me, after trying affirmations, fake it to you make it, and visualization, I was very puzzled to how to stop my world from going insane. Than the answer came to me; it is to simply live my life in graceful gratitude. Gratitude for me was never hitched to the concept, if you use gratitude you get more. This theory just didn’t compute in my head. It seemed to miss the mark. Gratitude for me mean to be happy to be given another day to live. The changes in gratitude was the grace aura surrounding it. Life at this time was still giving me horrendous experiences. I had to learn to be grateful in knowing I had a choice in how to perceive these obstacles. Changing my perception helped me to become grateful to all areas in my life, which included the past. I learned that the outside world is not responsible for my life. What was responsible was only me and my perceptions. I must admit, I use to have the victim perception, and played it well. When you refuse to play the victim roll, you do learn new ways of living life. You do not become aggressive, though assertive is a new trait. You are assertive in living a life that is supportive of the grace of gratitude.

Has there been a major change in me?

You might wonder if things have changed for me. Yes, in a big way. First and for most, I love living, and life. I still own very little, which is great. The place I live is wonderful, as well as my landlord. There are situational problems, yet they offer me opportunities to help others. Life is good for me when I am able to be of help and guidance. I now know that I can take care of myself. What a great discovery this was, and I am still exploring many avenues in this area. I do not need to have a man to protect me. The biggest difference in me is that I have learned to be assertive. In the past, I was a horrible people pleasure. The word no is not a hard word any more.

My life now is dependent on my own inside world. If I am at war with myself, and yes there are times, I work on that. I have learned to take others suggestions on utopia within seriously, and give it a great deal of consideration.

We are all the Same

We have more in common than you might think

Inside me, I am more peaceful, despite the problems that the outside offer me to view. What I have learned is that these issues are also contained within me. The issue of not feeling good enough, is one of the commonest problems I have been running into this past year. A lot of people worry about this, and it is a problem within me too, so I am alert to it, and worked on it religiously. Other peoples’ dramas, might have nothing to do with me, but their dramas can be found within me, but under a different label. We all have drama, just a variety of it within, which is stimulated by our old thinking patterns. These are guided daily through our fears. Yes, there are times I get angry and cranky, but even during those moments I am aware that I must change those behaviors within me, and bless those who are reminding me.

Our world is an extension of your thoughts. The outside world will never get better in your mind, until you change these conditions within you. Life is not supposed to be problem free. We though can use those circumstances to clear the disturbances with us. When we understand this, we can see the grace of all situations and welcome them gratefully. We can possess joy, happiness and love, right along with sadness, loneness, and hate, but we always have the choice on which to choose. It takes daily work. Some days are easier than others as we move forward on our journey, but it doesn’t matter for we always have the gift of graceful gratitude walking beside us. I have it, and you can too, if you choose. It is not a religious thing to me, it just is. It is also something that comforts me daily.

We do have more in common than you might think. We all go through different levels of trauma, and we all feel. We all can learn to change our perception. Gratitude is freely available in our aura as well as the universe, so is grace. Gracefully reach out and touch the Universe’s gratitude of you being you.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Joleen for reading my blog.

      Blessings to you.

    • joleenbridges profile image


      5 years ago from Lee's Summit

      Renee - Thanks for sharing your story with us so intimately. It sounds like you have journeyed far. Continued blessings to you.


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