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The Worlds Best Hangover Cure and Detox Program

Updated on April 26, 2011

Say Goodbye To Hangovers For Good.

I'm sure all of us at some time or another have felt the evil sting and the nasty side effects of overindulging in alcohol.

When you are out socializing and enjoying good company, good food and good drink, the last thing we tend to think about is, how we are going to feel the next day. If you think about consequences of drinking too much, it tends to put a bit of a downer on the whole night because you don't want to feel bad when you wake up the next morning so you don't enjoy your social drinking.

A glimpse of the dreaded "morning after the night before" in your minds eye can really put a bad taste in your mouth and you start to think about quitting before you even feel the effects of the happy juice.

I am going to share with you something that I discovered recently that has changed the way I feel about drinking and waking up with a nasty hangover.

I have had my fair share of alcohol induced hangovers and for years I tried many many different so-called cures and detox programs..... and you guessed it, pounding headache, nausea, dehydration, bloodshot eyes, a general feeling of seediness and the constant thought going through my head, why did I do this to myself, kill me now.....

All the so-called hangover cures that I tried really let me down. The problem you see is not that alcohol is the problem, it is the evil toxins the create when they enter into the body. All the hangover cures I tested contained ingredients that are designed to replace certain elements within the body that drinking too much depletes. this is all well and good, but once again it is just like sweeping the dirt under the rug. What I mean by that is the dirt is still there, even though it is under the rug, just because you can't see it anymore does not mean it is gone. So that brings me to traditional hangover cures and detox programs, all the tend to do is replace certain amino acids and vitamins in the system, this is not curing the problem though because the nasty toxins that make you feel bad are still in your system, so instead of curing the problem, these hangover cures just mask the side effects and thus you still feel terrible.

There is a reason that if you drink too much you get alcohol poisoning, and just ignoring the source of the toxicity in the system will not help you feel better the next day, you need to get ride of the toxins themselves.

How do you do that you may ask, well like anything, the best solution to any problem is to go straight to the cause.

Now recently I discovered a breakthrough product that does just that.

This amazing breakthrough product is calledFresh Start Hangover Relief and Detox Program by a company called Royal Earth Labs.

Now obviously I was just as skeptical about the trustworthiness of another hangover cure on the market place after having tried so many and never having a positive result. Let me tell you I would rather try 100 remedies to find one that worked instead of dealing with the throbbing head, dry mouth, nausea, and feeling like I've been hit by a bus, I would have tried anything to prevent the hangover ruining my next few days. When I tried Fresh Start Hangover Relief, I was so pleasantly surprised when it magically worked just as described.

What was this wonder pill and how does it differ from all those countless other products on the market place. The secret to this miracle cure lies in the ingredients and what they actually do inside your system. Like all other hangover remedied in the market place Fresh Start contains all the natural goodies that replaces what the alcohol takes out of your system, but it also contains a magic ingredient that actually absorbs the killer toxins from your system that leads the the inevitable hangover. This miracle ingredient is called "Bentonite". now you are probably wondering what Bentonite is. Bentonite is a natural clay that is sourced from deep withing the earths core and is actually an absorbent phyllosilicate consisting of mostly montmorillonite. It has been around for ever and has actually been used as a medicinal clay since prehistoric times, the first recorded uses date back to ancient Mesopotamia.

So how does it actually work, well Bentonite is highly absorbent and rather sticky and what it actually does is attract the harmful toxins left in the body after a big night out and by doing so they actually pass through your system attached to the Bentonite as opposed to being adsorbed by your body.

With this wonder pill you are able to have a good night out with out any fear of feeling terrible the next day, what you simply do is take a few pills before you go to bed after having indulged, drink a glass of water and hey presto.... no hangover.

The say prevention is better than cure, so I guess you can do one of two things, either stop drinking..... like that is going to happen, or you can tryFresh Start by Royal Earth Labs. I know which I would rather do.

Now I am not promoting drinking or substance abuse, but if you are going to partake in grandpas old cough medicine from time to time, wouldn't you rather be prepared. You don's go sky diving without a parachute, so why would you risk going on a bender without a safety net like Fresh Start Hangover Relief and Detox pills.

O yes and I nearly forgot to mention, if you are looking for a full detox of your system, it does that too.

I highly recommend you give it a try, they actually offer a money back guarantee. Anybody that is willing to back their product like Royal Earth Labs do must be confident in the results it produces.




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