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The Worst Diabetic Ever

Updated on September 8, 2016

My pre diabetes tale start

Ok I am 46. I have had type 2 diabetes for over 7 years now. It is the most frustrating thing to deal with if you ever ate like me in your lifetime. It's funny too because my dad was a chef. He never really ate too unhealthy either. He drank alot and was heavy but that was all the alcohol I like to believe. Growing up though, I ate horribly. The only time I ever really ate a full regular meal was when my dad would bbq on the weekends and then not until I was married in 1986. I lived on peanut butter, kraft macaroni, chocolate and candy, candy and more candy! I would actually store peanut butter in my toy box my mom said. I don't know why because my parents didn't hide food from me but I did it anyway.

When I got married at 16 I had no idea how to cook. I watched my dad occasionally but not enough to learn I guess. I am a horrible cook! My poor husband does not complain but my kids sure do. I have 5 and most are adults now but I have a 12 year old who never eats my food lol.

My husband worked at a gas station when we first got married so he worked nights and early mornings. So I would eat whatever I could find. Usually sandwiches and lots of peanut butter and macaroni. My go to meal was minute steaks and macaroni lol. I loved minute steaks!


When I did get married we moved into my hubby's grandma's house. She didn't cook much. When she was younger she did but while I lived there we usually only ate whatever we could find which was almost anything because she would stock up on EVERYTHING when it was on sale. Her pantry was stuffed. We ate alot of canned ham etc...Of course my side was always macaroni because I only knew how to cook that lol. When we finally moved into our own apartment I tried to branch out a bit.

I made alot of chorizo in the morning for my hubby. I would just wrap them in tortillas and put them in foil for his lunch and of course I would eat some as well. I learned how to make spaghetti and some other things. Learned how to make fried eggs for hubby and meatloaf etc....I learned how to give him some veggies but never ate them myself. I myself would have my lovely breakfast that consisted of a cupcake (which is why I was actually relieved that hostess was bought out cause now they are not the same and I don't like them lol) and a giant glass of milk. Sometimes I would change it up and eat cookies and milk. Oh and the occasional twinkie lol. I made some friends along the way and learned a few more recipes but I myself never ate right.

I would eat in the morning and then not at all until dinner. So then I would sit down to a huge plate of nothing but bad stuff for me. I also ate alot late at night. My favorite thing to do was make a box of macaroni (back when the noodles were bigger) and grab a huge glass of milk right before bed.

and more....

I also forgot to mention that another favorite of mine is pizza. Of course all the things that are the worst things for diabetics.....thats what I wanted most. I lived on no water but tons of pepsi. I would drink at least 6 glasses a day for sure. My mom did hide soda from me when I was young so that was a huge gift to myself. Now you would think that all the bad eating etc....would make me heavy. I was not. I was 95 pds when I got married and even being pregnant etc....I still did not weigh more then about 140 at 9 months pregnant. I did not put on too much weight til after my last child and then I got up to 170 something.

I didn't know anything was wrong with me at all. Never worried because they always told me that my blood pressure was great etc....I used to be proud of myself when I went to the docs. Never in my wildest dreams, even though my great grandmother died of diabetes complications and my grandma had diabetes, my dad got it and the list goes on. did I ever think I would get it. Or at least I sure was hoping I would not get it lol.

When I was pregnant with my last daughter who is now 12, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Of course while I was pregnant I used to suck on gobstoppers constantly to keep the nausea away. I got sick really bad throughout every single pregnancy but with her I was doing a work at home job that required me to be on the phone alot. So to keep from throwing up, I would suck on those the whole time I would work. At least 5 hours or more a day. Well of course I didn't take it seriously enough.

And so on.......

I never take anything too seriously unless its not having money lol. So I went to the nutritionist and did everything I could do to keep halfway healthy with the last pregnancy. As it usually does, my gestational diabetes went away after I had my baby girl. So I never thought twice about it again.

Well let me tell you, that all changed when my daughter got pregnant. This was just 7 years ago. She was only 15 so she was in school still. She was planning on finishing school even while pregnant and trying to graduate. I was going to stay home with her baby while she finished. That didn't happen. When she first got pregnant I started to get some symptoms. Nothing I really paid attention to though. I would get real thirsty. I was tired all the time. That symptom was nothing new though because I was an insomniac as well so I never got much sleep. I was shaky alot and was still eating really bad and skipping meals all day. My midnight eating of a whole box of macaroni never stopped either. Well I started getting so tired that I could not stay awake. No matter what I did, I would have to sleep. I would sleep for about an hour usually and then I would be ok. Never even noticed that it would happen shortly after I would eat something.


One day, I started having chest pains. It would not go away so I started to freak out of course. So I went to the hospital. They hooked me up to all sorts of machines because they thought I might be having a heart attack. After hours of being hooked up to machines and poked and prodded they saw that my blood sugar was over 300 and something. Well folks, for those of you who do not know what that means.......let me just say its not good at all. Sometimes a diabetic with those kinds of numbers can go into a diabetic coma. On top of this problem that got sprung on me so rudely was that I had cholesterol numbers that were off the charts. I mean they literally could not get a reading because they were so high. Over 2500 so they said. Well that was not good. At least I didn't have a heart attack! That was all I could think of because I did not comprehend what any of this meant! I was in horrible denial and my hubby knew nothing about any of it either. I was still in my 30's and didn't even think twice about any of that stuff until I was over 40 or so I thought.

To be continued.....


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