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Year of the Cougar.

Updated on December 29, 2010
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How old do you have to be, to be a cougar?

I had just turned 31 when I was sat to a dashing man at a wedding. I had just gotten out of an intense relationship so was in a lighthearted mood (i.e. quite drunk) when I blithely informed him that I was a CIT, a cougar-in-training. In a similar lighthearted mood (he was even more plastered than I was) he informed me that I had a few years yet, as you can't officially be a cougar until you're at least 35.

I'm turning 35 in twelve weeks. Now let me clarify this, I do not have any desire to go chasing men young enough to be my nephew, the whole Year of a Cougar thing is a piss-take. I just think it sounds funny, it was a throw away line that caught on with my friends. However I would like to fall into the category of Freaking Hot at 35.

The slide.

There was a point in my life when I was fit and healthy, an exercise demon, and I loved it, I loved the feeling of being comfortable with my body and confident, and having loads of energy. Somewhere though in the last two years, I let my life get away from me. It happens, love, loss, grief, stress they all mount up and give you a plethora of excuses to not look after yourself. Consequently I've got a wardrobe half filled with gorgeous clothes I can't wear; some interesting health issues that get attributed to being 'just part of growing older', a dislike of the mirror; and a nagging feeling that I am doing myself a disservice. If we're lucky enough to be born healthy the we all get one body that has huge potential, yet how many of us really know what it feels like to be in peak physical and mental condition?

There's 12 weeks until The Year of the Cougar officially starts. 12 weeks to see if I can regain and maintain the life of a physically fit person. 12 weeks to make it into the Freaking Hot at 35 category.

The technicalities.

I don't really set much store by the numbers on a scale, (because I am vain, to me what matters is the fit of the clothes, and the lack of cellulite) but in the spirit of being honest, here's the gritty details:

Current Height: 5' 6"

Current Weight: 167 lbs

Current Size: 12 (Well I am on the bottom half, 12-14 on the top half depending on what style of top it is.)

I'd like to be a size 8, that's what I was when i was at my fittest and healthiest.  According to the 'what weight should you be' charts, 140 pounds is in the middle of range.  I've got 27 pounds to lose, that's 2 pounds a week, it's a reasonable goal. Of course if I was trying to acheive the media standard it'd be more like 47 pounds but I quite like having enough flesh to keep me hypothermia at bay.

Every week I'll post a Year of the Cougar hubpage to show how I've been doing, and if it all ends in failure and I end up in the Flabby and Tepid at 35 category, well then I shall eat chocolate, and spend my days doing something truly useful such as learning how to make the perfect brownie.


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