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The Yoga of Sound

Updated on February 23, 2015

Mantra and the 4 Goals of Life

In my last blog I introduced the chakra mantras, six simple words of power whose sound vibrations energize and balance the chakras. This week’s blog is about the Yoga of Sound, the complete system of sound healing from India, of which the chakra mantras are a small yet important part.

Mantras have been used in India and Tibet for thousands of years, not just for enlightenment and chakra balance, but also to attain the more practical goals of earthly life like wealth and abundance. These mantras were perceived (realized) in the distant past by sages and seers in deepest meditation (samadhi).

Ayurveda, the holistic medicine from India, lists four goals of life: Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha. Each goal can be achieved using the power of mantra. In this blog you will find an example of each and will be invited to chant along using the links to youtube.

The 4 Goals

Life Goal
Sanskrit Name
Life Purpose/Duty
AUM (OM): The Most Important Mantra
AUM (OM): The Most Important Mantra | Source

The Yoga of Sound

The Yoga of Sound is a collection of music and mantra that starts with AUM (OM), the most important mantra and the source of all other mantras. AUM, the Cosmic Yes, serves to clear the mind for meditation and attune us to the Cosmic Reality, or Source.

AUM chanting is soothing to the nervous system, creating feelings of oneness, harmony and connection. Think of AUM as yogic Xanax. Side effects may include peacefulness and calm.

However, AUM is just the beginning. Besides mantras for oneness and enlightenment, the Yoga of Sound has given us an entire treasure trove of Sanskrit mantras to help accomplish our dreams.

These Sanskrit mantras are scientific sound formulas...sound recipes. If one puts the right combination of vibrations together, one gets a specific effect.

Mantras: Like Apps on a Smart Phone
Mantras: Like Apps on a Smart Phone | Source

Sanskrit Mantras: Like Apps On A Smart Phone

Perhaps it is easiest to think of Sanskrit Mantras like apps on a smart phone.

Want to attract a soul mate? There’s a mantric app for that:

Sat Patim Dehi Parameshvara Swaha

Need to boost your cash flow, or find a better job: the app is OM Shrim Klim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha.

Looking for enlightenment? There’s an app for that: the Gayatri Mantra : “We meditate on that glorious Light of Spiritual Consciousness. May it energize and direct our awakening.”

Let’s take a closer look at these three mantras and more.

Hot Tip: Proper pronunciation is critical if these mantras are to be effective. Proper pronunciation is just as important in mantra yoga as proper asana technique is in hatha yoga.


A Mantra For Wealth and Abundance (Artha)


“I call upon the energy of the entire cosmos to shower me with wealth and abundance.”

Chanting this mantra can attract wealth of all types: an abundance of money, love, good health and good friends.

Here’s the breakdown:

OM: The highest cosmic vibration

Shrim: Mantra of abundance of all forms

Klim: Mantra of attraction

Maha: Great

Lakshmiyei: Patron saint of wealth and abundance

Swaha: Let it be so

For a little abundance, chant the mantra 108 times a day.

If you need a lot of abundance, chant the mantra 1008 times a day for 40 days, using mala beads to keep count as you visualize success.

You can chant the mantra right now using the YouTube link below.

Abundance Mantra

Attract Your True Love Today

True Love
True Love | Source

Sat Patim Mantra

A Mantra for Love (Kama): Soulmate Mantra

I see many women and men who are looking for love.

Have you ever wished there were a magical incantation that would attract a soulmate. There is. It is possible for women to attract love by using the power of Sanskrit mantra:

Sat Patim Dehi Parameshvara Swaha

“Give to me a man of truth, with perfect masculine attributes, who will honor my goddess nature.”

Note: For the mantra to attract a woman, change Parameshvara to Parameshvari: Sat Patim Dehi Parameshvari Swaha

This is the mantric app for attracting a soulmate. This mantra can attract love to you like a magnet attracts iron filings. I recently gave this mantra to a woman I’ll call Jody, who found her soulmate after two weeks of daily chanting. I still remember the happy expression on her face.

How to chant this mantra in three easy steps:

1. Light a candle and set a sacred space.

2. Say the following intention out loud “I intend to attract my soulmate right now.”

3. Repeat the Sanskrit mantra out loud 108 times a day.

Finally, realize that you can only love others to the degree you love yourself. Love yourself first, then send that love out to others.


Dharma: life purpose, duty
Dharma: life purpose, duty | Source

A Mantra for Dharma: Lokah Samasta

Your Dharma is your life’s purpose which should include compassionate service in daily life. Buddhists often chant OM Mani Padme Hum (“I open my heart to loving kindness.” (Literally, OM to the Jewel in the Lotus... the jewel of loving kindness found in the lotus (Padme) of the heart.)

Many yogi’s love to chant Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu...”May all beings be happy and free”...the ultimate yogic prayer. All beings includes the one who is chanting.

Chanting this mantra accumulates good karma and helps to raise the consciousness of the Planet.

Here’s the breakdown:

Lokah: one of the seven planes of existence.

Current address: Earth lokah.

Next stop: Astral or heavenly lokah.

Samasta: “All beings everywhere”

Sukhino: “Joy and Freedom”

Bhavanthu: “To cultivate a feeling of”

Chant this mantra right now and feel more joyful and free while still living.

Chant Lokah Samasta With Deva Premal

A Vibrational Key To Immortality

Rose Galaxy
Rose Galaxy | Source

The Gayatri: A Mantra For Immortality (Moksha)

When death comes, it is time to focus on a liberation mantra, to free us from the cycle of death and rebirth called Samsara (wandering) and to connect us with Source,. The ultimate goal of Sanskrit mantra is a spiritual awakening, a realization of the divinity within. When I was in South India with my teacher, master sound yogi Russill Paul, we chanted this mantra into a funeral pyre that was consuming a dead body. Our purpose was to remind the departing Spirit that Atman (the soul) and the Divine are One:

OM Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha

Tat Savitur Vareenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodyat

“OM to the Earth Plane, the Astral Plane and Beyond.

We meditate on that glorious Sun of Spiritual Consciousness. May It energize and direct our awakening.”

The Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri: The Divine Feminine

Gayatri means "Goddess", and also "She who protects the singer."

Every time this mantra is chanted, one’s spiritual thermometer goes up a few degrees. On the consciousness scale, the scale of Self Realization, we move ever closer to realizing the divinity within.

This powerful mantra comes to us directly from the Vedas, the most ancient teachings of India. Veda means “knowledge” or “wisdom.” The Vedas contain the wisdom of the Universe in sonic form.

To quote the modern day saint, Sai Baba: "The Vedas are the very breath of the Divine and the Gayatri Mantra is at the very basis of the Vedas.

Love and reverence for the Mantra and faith in its promised results are far more important than mere mechanical repetition while the mind wanders. The more one chants the Gayatri Mantra, the greater the benefit to the one who chants it."

Source: Sai Baba website


In this blog I introduced the Yoga of Sound as a complete system of mantra and music from India. Using links to YouTube, we learned how to chant a mantra for wealth, a mantra to attract a soulmate, a mantric prayer for all beings and a mantra to help us transition when death comes.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub. This is so fascinating to know and dubious to do. I wonder if they had apps for the computer, since I don't have a smartphone yet. Voted up!


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