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Ty, Treeo, and Therapy

Updated on June 19, 2014
Ty, our exercise guy
Ty, our exercise guy | Source

This is Ty

Ty Gardner is 23 years of age and was born in Loveland, Colorado. He is presently attending Brigham Young University, where he is working on his degree in exercise science. He plans to go on and get his doctorate in physical therapy.

In the past, he worked with BYU athletes, but is currently employed by Mountain Land Fitness. He holds class here at Treeo three times a week and also works with disabled children.

What is Your Experience?

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Ty's Goals for The Elderly

In our class we concentrate on slow movement, often from our chairs. We do some exercises standing and often stand on a foam block to train our muscles to balance. When I asked Ty what his goals were for us he responded:

Ty says his #1 goal is to increase balance. Because the elderly lose muscle strength, they are more prone to falling. His exercises are designed to return some of that muscle loss.

His #2 goal is to help us be able to keep doing the things that we enjoy.- Whether that is golfing, walking, or, in my case, playing the flute.

#3 is to promote over all good health and energy. He wants us to feel like our body still works. Often the elderly become dismayed at what has happened to their bodies, and, as Ty says, "Its never too late to get better".

Try Not To Use It!
Try Not To Use It!

How Can We Achieve These Goals?

When I asked Ty this question he responded that using our muscles in any way will help. Of course, our class exercises are good, but also trying to do things that challenge us will help us. Anything that will make our muscles move will be of great benefit.

So, in other words, don't take the easy way out. Instead of using a grabber bar to reach that cookie in the cupboard,stand up and reach for it yourself! Get up off your jazzy and walk to the next room. While watching TV use your hands and arms in an alternate task like crocheting or knitting.-Especially during commercials!

Exercise Machines

Treeo has an exercise room equipped with several different exercise machines. Ty says the use of these depends on the person. If you can get on them and use them, they are a great way to get your exercise. They can help you get your cardio rates up to where you can lose weight. But, if you can't get on them, you can still reap the benefits of exercise

Our Fitness Room
Our Fitness Room | Source
Foam pads
Foam pads | Source

Balance- A Challenge as We Age

As we age our muscles deteriorate. We don't use them as much and lack of balance is one result. Ty suggests that we do exercises that teach our legs what to do again. In his class he has us stand behind a chair and, holding onto the chair, stand on one foot and then the other. He challenges us to let go of the chair with one hand or even two, if we can.

Another exercise is done while standing on a block of foam and doing the same thing. We also do several exercises that involve our ankles and feet.

I, myself, have noticed my muscles trying to right themselves when I stand or begin to tip one way or the other.

What Are The Benefits of Exercise?

Ty's answer to this surprised me. He said exercise helps us fight chronic disease. It makes us less susceptible to illness. If we do get sick exercise makes us more able to cope.

Ty also mentioned that exercise helps us maintain or lose weight.This may be a readily known fact, but many elderly do not try to exercise. In my own experience, I have found that dieting without exercise is fruitless.

Another point Ty brought up was the mental benefits of exercise. He said we sleep better when we exercise. it boosts our mood gives us a positive, confident outlook. exercise sends our blood rushing through our body, giving us a pure, alive feeling.

Because of our improved circulation, exercise helps brain development. It keeps our brain working. it makes us sharper and smarter, and helps us to age gracefully. It seems almost all seniors worry about losing their brain abilities, so this is most important.

Ty's Summary

Ty says exercise will help every aspect of your life. it doesn't matter when you start. If you think you are too old,you are wrong! It doesn't matter when you start. No matter if you are 20, 50, or 70, exercise will always help.

Summary of Top Facts

  • Goals- increased balance,
  • overall good health,
  • keep us doing things that we enjoy
  • Best Way
  • class
  • do things that challenge
  • make muscles move
  • machines
  • Benefits
  • fight disease
  • weight control
  • mental health
  • better brain function


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    • C McNairy Wight 1 profile image

      Carol McNairy Wight 3 years ago from Provo, Utah

      I have battled vertigo, too. I did not know exercise would help at the time. I'm glad I know now. thanks for the comment.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 3 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Very true. I have difficulty with my balance after a couple of bouts of vertigo but with doing exercise, it has improved greatly.