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The amazing Attributes of Cold Showers

Updated on February 9, 2014

The Amazing attributes of cold shower

Attributes of cold showers

Recent scientific studies on taking cold showers have just come to light, the amazing benefits derived from such a simple and natural act is quite astounding, we all know after a swim or shower we feel refreshed and vitalized but we never expected any other benefits associated with the act except well being. Apart from the obvious aspect of cleanliness many other internal mechanisms are at work during and after the process of taking our bathe, under listed are some of the effects of taking a cold shower.

Water in a transparent glass

Water in a transparent glass
Water in a transparent glass | Source

Cold showers regulates body temperature

The usual mechanism that helps regulate our body temperature is sweating, when you sweat either through rigorous exercise the sweat glands release sweat which evaporates and regulates the body temperature. Another method of body regulation is through shivering, taking cold showers is an effective regulator of your body temperature it does this function through the process of shivering, when you go under a faucet the sudden change in body temperature because of the cold droplets of water initiates a reaction with a drop in temperature through shivering.

Muscles in the body contract in response to the sudden cold this in turn makes the blood vessels and capillaries to narrow with decreased blood flow which activates the body’s internal regulating mechanism. The body hair also react to this sudden extreme cold by standing erect allowing trapped air escape sending much needed warmth to specific areas of the body effectively regulating the body’s temperature.

Benefits of cold shower

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Cold showers promotes weight loss

This aspect of cold showers is the most surprising of all, in sounds bunkers to believe cold showers can lead to weight loss. What is believed is an increase in metabolic activity by the release of what is called brown fat tissue. What they propose is that the human skeletal muscles associated with cold shower induced adaptive thermo genesis releases brow fat tissue which increases fat burning in response to the cold temperature. Scientists say for weight loss to occur the person should engage in hot – warm – extremely cold shower bathes at least 3 times daily.

The methodology is that when attempting this complex process you start out with hot water or preferred warm temperature wash your body normally then lower temperature to mid tempo before the sudden change to cold shower for about 35 to 60 seconds the sudden gut ranching change in temperature induces the body to produce brown fat tissues which aids weight loss. Before you go and do this weird only theorized approach to weight loss also is ready for hypothermia or pneumonia.

Woman taking a shower

Woman taking a shower
Woman taking a shower | Source

Which is not a derivative of cold showers?

1 head ache

2 reduced hypertension

3 reduced depression

4 healthy skin

Cold showers strengthen immunity

The fact that cold showers strengthen immunity is one of the benefits I like very much, I should have guessed as much for years have developed the habit of taking several showers a day sometimes when I feel slightly ill a cold shower seem to rejuvenate me but alluding to the assertion that it strengthened immunity! I think I will show a family member who complains about my showering obsession this article after it’s done. In a beautiful write up on the benefits of cold showers according to (view the article in the link bellow) immersion in 14 degrees Celsius 3 times a week for 6 weeks will increase the level of monocytes and lymphocytes which increases metabolic rate and strengthens are immunity.

Immunity is strengthened through the increased production of white blood cells, the white blood cells fight diseases, cuts, bacteria and viruses it produces a high concentration of plasma t cells and lymphocytes. The 2 types of the lymphocytes tackles bacteria, viruses and harmful toxins while the monocytes has to do with pathogens and foreign materials, all of this happens when you take a cold shower the metabolic rate of the body increases when the body tries to warm its self thus increasing the white blood defense cells which in turn strengthens our immune system.

Advantages of cold shower

Regulates body function
Waste desposal functions
Function on skin
aids weight loss
regulates body temperature
increases testosterone
helps regulate toxins
regulates blood circulation
regulates blood sugar

Advantages of cold showers

1 Weight loss

2 Eliminates toxins

3 Healthier skin

4 Oxygenates blood

5 Helps in body waste disposal

6 Increases testosterone

7 Increases blood circulation

8 Alleviates depression

9 Regulates body temperature

Cold showers alleviates depression

Depression is a serious condition of the mind that can lead to dangerous suicidal behavior, sickness or death, the condition can be treated with medication and therapy. Some forms of depression can actually be reduced from the cooling effect of cold showers, while the body temperature drops and the process of body regulation takes place another good reason to shower is the soothing effect on the blue spot. The blue spot is a source of noradrenalin a chemical compound that alleviates the symptoms of depression.

Scientists found out that during a cold shower the cold temperature activates the blue spot in the brain which reduces tension anxiety the chemical compound gives us a languid feel of restiveness and calm thus eliminating or reducing symptoms of depression.

Increases blood circulation

The blood because of the stroke therapy channels blood to vital regions of the body which have to maintain a certain temperature range at all times, by alternating temperatures while taking a shower between hot and cold temperatures arteries constrict which increases the pressure in the veins and capillaries alternatively increasing the general circulation of the blood. The two extreme temperatures in hot and cold showers trigger this effect.

Effective blood circulation has many benefits to the body; it aids the heart to beat properly preventing heart diseases, and stroke and hypertension the improved circulation allows the body to work to its optimum level. A bad habit that constrict blood circulation is smoking, it clogs up the arteries making circulation clumsy and difficult, exercise opens out the pores and increases blood circulation while interestingly rich spicy food that is high in vitamin A and C increases blood circulation.

Infant taking a bath

Infant- taking- a- bath
Infant- taking- a- bath | Source

Cold showers increase testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to sexual function, development, puberty and growth, male hair distribution and bone structure/strength; interestingly cold showers induce the reproductive glands which increase the level of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is very important in development especially in men so cold shower having some effect on testosterone levels however small is a welcome development.

Cold showers as a waste disposal

Cold showers improves lymphatic movement which removes unwanted waste form the body, the lymph carries out the removal process through its own channel separate and different to the blood circulatory system, it also carries dead cells and aids in the endless battle against foreign agents like Bacteria and viruses. When the person takes a cold shower the vessels constricts making a narrower pathway which increases the pressure effectively squeezing out unwanted fluids from the body.

Eliminates toxins

Taking cold showers helps in the detoxifying process by preventing clogging and allowing toxins escape through the skin, apart from cleansing the body of skin germs it prevents harmful germs from clinging to our skin surface area. Some times harmful skin conditions can be eliminated just by maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

Oxygenated blood increase

The sudden shock when cold water touches are bold elicits a deep breadth reaction that makes us involuntarily inhale large quantities of air the air is trapped in the lungs and released into the blood stream effectively adding more oxygenated air into our blood stream, the amount of air captured is negligible but all the same the oxygen level increases because of this natural reaction to sudden cold temperatures.

The process works when the vasoconstriction and body’s need for warmth opens the lungs mimicking the same reaction in high impact physical exercise increasing the oxygen in the lungs.

Common cold and causes

Things to avoid while going through shower therapy include developing cold, getting infected by the common cold occur in most of us maybe three to four time yearly , it a respiratory illness which is contacted through contact, unhygienic environments, through an infected person sneezing thereby transmitting it airborne. Influenza is different from cold and could result in the frightening pneumonia but cold is milder and less dangerous if treated with medication. To much exposure to cold water and cold weather like too much exposure to snow and harmattan environment can trigger the common cold.

Interestingly I read somewhere that you just can’t treat the common cold and you can only treat the symptoms and that it usually goes by it self within several days when managed sensibly. Some symptoms of cold include running nose, blurry eyes, congested air path ways, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, slight fever and head aches.

Keeping clean and avoiding contact with infected person through touch or airborne is the surest way to avoid the common cold, another way is by taking proper care of your self when you have the common cold, cover your self properly, try to keep a higher standard of hygiene and try not to spread it to others through contact or through open mouth couching or hand contact.

More attributes of cold shower

Healthy skin

The combination of soap and cold water cleanses our skin removing germs dirt while opening out our pores which allows sweat and toxic agents squeeze out easily. Cold showers keep us refresh both physically and mentally, the many advantages of taking a cold shower are numerous quite surprising and interesting.

It is exciting to know that something good can come from such a simple act as taking a cold shower, this is contrary to general life rules where nothing ever comes easy, cold showers help us get refreshed, increases oxygenated blood, eliminates toxins and even aids weight loss. There is nothing lost or gained in taking a cold shower why not indulge your self today, but please remember every thing in life is moderation.


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      femi 4 years ago from Nigeria


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      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and useful.


    • tony55 profile image

      femi 4 years ago from Nigeria

      The human body regulates around 98 degrees Fahrenheit so we must be careful of to much cold or heat, thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Alise- Evon 4 years ago

      That was interesting. My body does not like too much cold because it tends to be cold naturally, so the thought of cold showers does not thrill me, but I could look into it more thoroughly. Thanks.