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The amazing rose, more than just a symbol of love

Updated on October 3, 2015

The Rose

Long considered the most beautiful of flowers, the rose plays a part in many stories, myths and legends. And why not? They come in a variety of sizes from sweetheart to the long stem rose. Did you notice that both sizes invoke feelings of love and affection? Add to it the color and you have a variety of meanings behind the rose. It is widely known that red roses imply love, yellow implies friendship and purple implies royalty and although roses are considered the most fragrant of flowers, the wonderful rose offers so much more.

The beautiful rose

What's in a rose?

If just the thought of a rose or a specific color of rose can bring pleasurable thoughts, imagine what the rose could do if you took it a step further. The rose essential oil can do so much in the way of bringing a person inner peace.

The Damascus Rose is the most preferred for extracting the oils due to the strong, wonderful fragrance. The oil can provoke a multitude of feelings:

  1. Positive thoughts and everyone could certainly benefit from that.
  2. Feelings of happiness and hope. Inner happiness will extend outward and can be contagious. Imagine a happiness epidemic.
  3. Boosts confidence and confidence is a beautiful thing.

A rose a day...

Keeps negative feelings at bay. Surround yourself with the mood lifting scent of roses by making a scented solid perfume from rose essential oils. You will need:

  1. Rose essential oil
  2. Beeswax
  3. Sweet orange essential oil
  4. Sweet Almond or Olive oil (carrier oils)
  5. A small container for solid perfume

The process is easy but you have to do it quickly because the perfume hardens quickly. Blend drops of the rose and sweet orange essential oils to your liking and set aside. For a small amount, use 2 teaspoons or equal parts of beeswax and a carrier oil. Carefully melt the wax and carrier oil, stir until the mixture is a liquid and remove from the heat. Quickly add the blended essential oils and pour into the small container. The perfume will set quickly to a solid form for you to enjoy.


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    • profile image

      Brenda 22 months ago

      I enjoyed reading your article Shelley and it painted an image in my mind reminiscing of my Grandma Elsie's house in Minnesota . . . happy times of the past with new beginning for the future :) xoxo

    • profile image

      JoAnne 22 months ago

      What a wonderful idea for Christmas presents! I will be making this for my co-workers.