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The battle of fungus & how to win it!

Updated on April 12, 2010

The wide world of fungus infections include athlete's foot, jock itch, and candida infection of the skin, nails, mouth, throat, genital areas, bronchi or lungs.

The battle of fungus infections is fought on three fronts -- inside, outside and prevention of re-occurrences.

Inside - Pau D'Arco, a South American herb, eliminates fungi from the body.

Outside - Thyme is a natural fungus eliminator. Sprinkle thyme on your feet, or make a tea with it and use it as a sponge bath. Tea Tree Oil is a natural external fungus eliminator that can be added to your shampoo, your shower gel and your bathwater.

Re-occurrences - Fungal spores can survive on your clothing, socks, underwear, towels, facecloths, shoes, bedlinen, hats, and any surface that you have come in contact with. Clothing, socks, udnerwear, towels, facecloths, bedlinen, anything that can be washed needs to be put in the washing machine with 1/4 cup of bleach eliminate the spores. One pail of water with 1 tablespoon of bleach and a soft microfibre cloth come in handy.....wipe out inside of shoes, showerstalls, all floor surfaces, carpets as well.....

When it comes to fungal infections, your best line of defense is internal + external + prevention of re-occurence.


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    • prayn4u profile image

      prayn4u 8 years ago

      I clean homes for a living....I used bleach all the time and by the end of the day my sinuses were in pain and I felt awful. I started looking for safer ways to clean mold,mildew and soap scum in showers,windows,tile and wood floors etc..

      I have been using distilled white vinegar and HOT water!

      The KEY is very hot water...measure 3 parts water and one part white vinegar scrub and/or wipe off! Like using any cleaning product. And my sinuses are no longer bothering me!!! Also...when cleaning fruits and vegetables...I put 3 parts COLD water and one part vinegar in clean glass bowl(and use a stainless steel strainer and do this 2-3 times,back and forth)or I use a spray bottle,

      then lay them on a clean towel and or paper towel...To my surprise when I cleaned them they actually fizzled...and I could not believe the dirt that came off of them...and better yet the taste of fruits and veggies was so much better AND its So much cheaper!!! Hope this helped!

    • profile image

      barefootdoctor 8 years ago

      Many thanks on sharing the information on distilled white vinegar.....If anyone has tried this method.....please give us an update....First hand information would be greatly appreciated....Yours in health....

    • prayn4u profile image

      prayn4u 8 years ago

      Pau D'Arco,Thyme,Tea Tree Oil all very good things to use bleach is not...I have read that distilled white vinegar works very well and is safer...thanks for sharing...God Bless