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The Art of Infographics

Updated on September 12, 2013

Work days have become longer, sleeps shorter and our attention spans to near nonexistent. Where blogging has turned into microblogging, information conveyed through articles is now being transmitted through colorful infographics. Now this doesn’t make microblogging, blogging and news articles obsolete and a thing of the past, but transmitting information through infographics is a new and creative way to transmit valuable information in a visually pleasing way. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Below are a list of ways that inforgraphics are making sharing information more reachable.

They are Visually Pleasing

Infographics are colorful, minimalist and full of complimentary colors that draw your eye to them rather than from them. In fact, depending on the color combinations, they draw different reactions from people. An example of this are the colors typically used in fast food restaurants. While a café might use natural muted colors to set a mood, McDonalds typically uses red and green to create an environment where people quickly eat and head out.

Here is a great article on how colors affect purchases

A Picture says 1000 Words

Infographics are easy to read and get the point across in a quick and super successful way. When you don’t have the time to read an article or when you want to get a valuable message out, infographics are a great tool to ultilize. Bypass the 140 character limit on Twitter and instead, throw in a pithy phrase and hashtags while adding your desired infographic.

Grade A Way to Deliver Numerical Information

While written data can be cumbersome and tedious to read, infographics can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance your ability to see patterns and trends. These are great for data which is otherwise difficult to explain in words; either written or articulated. You could read graphs and paragraphs on the statistics of the topic you are interested in or get the gist of the information in a short visually reachable form.

Very Shareable

See an interesting infographic your friends might like to read? Tweet it, Pin it on Pinterest and share it on Facebook. Infographics can be the proof to your bet, help you make a point to your friends or be used to further articulate information in a business meeting.

Good for Sales

For companies that are looking for new and innovative ways of marketing their products to a global audience online. Successful infographics by companies can show their goals, who are using their products as well as their successes. Infographic marketing is a very smart technique because an image has the capacity to draw attention whereas text can be ignored. Informative images also have the capacity to become viral because of their easily shareable nature.

Tools to get you started creating Infographics

Hire info-Experts at Info Graphic World or get ideas from their great designs!

Check out this great article, 5 Tools for creating your own Infographics .

Peruse through these websites to discover great Infographics:


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    • Jetstream profile image

      The Jetstream 4 years ago from South Africa

      That's true, typography can be an art form on it's own! It's also fascinating how there is so much psychology behind color choices and how they influence the messages sent through infographics.

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 4 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      An interesting article. All the things I have studied in the last couple years as a Graphic design student. I found it interesting in my studies how Typography plays such an important role in transmitting the message. Not as text, but as a visual element of design.

    • profile image

      Claire 4 years ago

      I love infographics, they are super easy to grasps the message and very shareable! fun read!