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Positive Thinking- Produces Positive Words. Positive Words Are Medicine for the Soul.

Updated on July 2, 2019
Dana Tate profile image

Dana Tate was born under the Sun sign of Capricorn. She is a passionate writer who likes to bring awareness and love to the world.

Positive Thoughts are Medicine for the Soul.

I never understood why thinking positive would sometimes be met with skepticism. For example: If someone asked me why I believed in a higher power or, why religious people try to force their beliefs on everyone else.

I would simply reply-- "I never force my views on anyone. I do consider it a privilege to share my love for the word." I would rather live my life as if there will be judgment and find out there isn't than live my life as if there wouldn't be and find out there is.

In other words thinking positive won't cost me anything. I would have lived my life as a good person who cared for others. However, if I think in the negative it will cost me everything.

Positive Thinking brings Peace to the Heart.

Thinking positive will bring peace to the heart. It will make you feel great and anyone who comes into your presence will benefit from your aura. Positive thinking isn't easy you must choose to remain positive despite all obstacles.

If your life is anything like mine once you've made the choice to be happy life begins to test you. It's almost as if life says "you can't remain positive with everything I will throw at you" and then everything goes wrong. I am an expert in "standing tall in the midst of it all" I have weathered so many storms God should have created me as an umbrella. However, I am a blessed woman, not because of things, not because my life is easy, it's because of my attitude "I refuse to be broken"

How to turn your negatives into positives.

We all possess different personalities, unfortunately they all have to exist in one body. I would describe my negative assets to be:

  • Aggressive.
  • Strong.
  • Willful.
  • Prideful.
  • Blunt.
  • Out-Spoken.
  • Determined.

I'm sure I could think of a few more, but in the risk of depressing myself writing this article, I'll stop here. These attributes in a man are highly desirable, however, in a woman they can be seen as unattractive and block blessings.

When I began my search for " understanding" one of the things I began to see was myself. I began to understand how I blocked blessings in my life that eventually left me stuck. Stuck in a rut, stuck in pain, stuck in a hopeless place, which, I felt I could never recover from. However, I did recover and not only did I recover, I triumphed over the things that once hindered me.

I understood that I could not change being aggressive, prideful and so forth because those traits are apart of who "Dana Tate" is. As a matter of fact, those traits were useful for some of the challenges I went through in my life. However, the fact that I couldn't change them didn't mean they had to be stumbling blocks; In fact, those assets could be my best assets if I learned to use them in the positive instead of the negative.

How positive thinking can improve your work place.

I once worked for a 500, fortune company. The pay was good, the benefits were excellent and I loved my job. However, no job is perfect and, like many work environments it had its challenges. One of mine was extreme favoritism.

As in any workplace, there were stars. Star employees stand out and exceed companies expectations. Star employees are usually favored and rightfully so. However, when it gets to the point where favoritism makes the other employees feel inadequate it's a recipe for disaster.

I worked among grumbling employees all day it got so bad I got stomach aches at the thought of going to work. Not only did my colleagues complain, they weren't as productive, and, they started writing to corporate as a result of them feeling unappreciated.

Although it's right to praise employees who stand out, the atmosphere will become unhealthy if it is done in a way that makes others feel their contributions are not valued. My co-workers were too unhappy to address our boss so I had to be the one to do it.

Now before I go any further, this is not a tip on how to tell your boss off, so please, don't go get yourselves fired! I'm simply trying to show you how I turned a negative situation into a positive one with thinking positively instead of negatively.

I could have joined the crusade writing corporate, or allowed my work to suffer but I chose to be part of the solution and not the problem. When I approached my boss it wasn't to:

  • Inform him he was a bad manager.
  • Complain how I couldn't get my work done due to my complaining colleagues.

I approached my boss with a common goal, one I knew would open his ears. What is best for the company:

I mentioned to my boss that I had noticed our shift wasn't receiving recognition for the most productive shift as often as we had in the past, and I had some idea's on how to make the employees hustle a little harder. My idea was to have our own reward system, on our own shift, done on a weekly basis to allow the employees to have something to strive for. Because I worked in a productivity- driven -environment, I suggested instead of recognizing the employees who produced the most work- why not expand the accolades. For example:

  • The person who worked the fastest did not always have the best quality.
  • There were employees who volunteered to help other employees who for one reason or the other fell behind.
  • There were employees who were punctual on a continual basis, not just for work but punctual from their breaks as well.

There were a few more but I'm sure you get the picture. It wasn't that these attributes weren't recognized by the company, its just in a company that employ's thousands of people, it wasn't recognized enough. My suggestion was this: This is our comfort zone, why not reward our employees on a weekly basis to keep morale going. Once this reward system took effect it wasn't long before corporate became so pleased with the productivity they began to add extra incentives. Movie passes small gift certificates, free lunches. I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture. Thinking positive also had an extra advantage. When employees decide to seek other opportunities they were able to tell their prospective employer's they were.

  1. Team players
  2. Dependable
  3. Most productive
  4. Most punctual

And not only were they able to just say these things but they had certificates and verification from their previous employer that these things were true.

My company began to see me as a team player a person who could be trusted, with a strong sense of right and wrong, a leader. Does this mean I became "favored?" Well if so, my boss never showed it. He became consciously aware of making sure everyone was noticed for their contributions and the workplace became happier and more productive.

You don't have to allow negativity to make your life stressful, by remaining positive, you can think of ways to make situations better. In the case of a workplace, you will be surprised how your boss will appreciate your ideas if your overall approach is what is in the best interest of the company.

Rate your thinking.

Were you ever in a situation where you had to take matters into your own hand to stop discord in the work place?

See results

Laid off and discouraged? See how thinking positive took me from unemployed to employed!

When the world began to go into it's "recession" I got caught up in a massive- company lay-off. I was devastated. I had been with the company for years and invested heavily into it. I was loyal and hard-working but with any job their loyalty is never to you but always in the best interest of the company. When my company laid me off I was lost, and though logically I understood it wasn't anything personal- personally, I felt betrayed. I was left feeling...

  1. Angry
  2. Scared
  3. Bitter

When I began seeking other employment I did the usual networking through family and friends sending out resumes and so forth, but I noticed it wasn't easy for me to find another job as I thought it would. I fell into a state of depression, however, because I am a person who "refuse to be broken" I knew I couldn't stay there. I couldn't allow my negative attitude to control my thinking because if I did I would be stuck, life goes on with or without you and being happy is a choice you have to make all day... every day.

First I changed the way I thought. Instead of seeing myself as a person who was out of a job, I told myself my life was transitioning and one door had closed but a new and better opportunity had opened. After I changed the way I thought I was able to think more clearly and I began to analyze why I was having a hard time.

I knew I was a little older and things had changed since I was a younger person being in the job market. Everything was being done on the computer, and more than likely, younger people were applying for the same position with higher degrees.

  • I took a piece of paper and broke it into two column's on one side I listed my strength's and the other column I listed my weakness.
  • I listed all the things about my personality that I felt were an asset to any company.
  • I listed all my skills that I learned through jobs and life such as volunteering, activities, I even used my babysitting and taking care of a sick aunt, planning and organizing children's activities, (organization skills)

Then I took my weakness's and added how I planned to turn those weakness's into strength's for example:

What this proved
I'm not bilingual.
I started taking Spanish lessons.
I took steps toward improvement.
Someones degree may be higher.
I enrolled in classes to strengthen my skills.
I took steps toward more education.
They may seek younger people.
Highlighted my skills and awards.
I was recognized by my previous company as an asset.

With my positive thinking I was able to land myself a better job with more opportunities for growth.

Think positive and be prepared for job interviews.

Once I began to receive calls for interviews I began researching the company to help me ask the most famous questions that most- if not all- employer's ask:

Tell me about yourself?: To this question, I not only wanted to give a brief description of my previous work experience but highlight my skills that I knew would be an asset to their company.

Why do you want to want to work here?: This was my chance to shine. Employer's are impressed when they know you have researched their company. It shows that not only are you looking for a company where your skills can be utilized, but your are also looking for a company that is the perfect fit for you. You want to be seen as a confident job-seeker, not someone desperate for a job. Taking the time to research shows that you know you are a person of value who understands you will be an asset to the company.

Look for these things when you do your research:

  1. How long the company has been in business.
  2. If they sponsor any charitable events in their neighborhood.
  3. The salary range for the position you are applying for. Even if the description says {doe} I still wanted to find out the going pay for the position and negotiate from there.

How long the company has been in business and events they may sponsor are things I wanted to mention when they ask: 'Why do you want to work here?' and because I volunteered and helped with various charities this was the time to bring those things up.

Last but not least:

After every interview I always left a thank you note with the secretary or dropped it in the nearest mailbox after leaving the office. Thanking the employer for taking the time to interview you is very important. There are hundreds of applications and resumes that come across their desk so it is a privilege to have been chosen for the interview process. Regardless of the outcome, you always want to let the employer know you appreciate them choosing to interview you out of many.

Preparing for an interview beforehand will give you the confidence you need.

  • Positive going in.
  • Positive coming out.
  • Positive you landed the job.

What kind of seeds are you planting?

  • Seeds planted in pain

  • Watered in bitterness

  • Produce's fruit from thorns

by DT

Guard your mouth for out of it springs the issues of life.

One of the best books I ever read was Joyce Meyer's "Me and my big mouth!" Learning to control my mouth was one way I stopped blocking blessings and started receiving them. The tongue is a deadly little thing that can bring blessings or cursing's and learning to control it is the best thing you can ever do.

The bible says: We will all eat the fruit of our own way, and it's true. If you ate from your own garden wouldn't you make sure you planted nothing but the best of seeds? I don't believe anyone would deliberately plant bad seeds if they understood they would reap what they sowed.

  • Seeds planted in pain
  • Watered in bitterness
  • Produce's fruit from thorns

Negative people are not hard to spot. They are the ones who are always unhappy, always gossiping and rarely have anything nice to say. The words that come from their mouth identifies them, and what comes out the mouth- came from the heart. In order to have positive thinking and positive words, you must watch the heart.

The benefit of positive thinking.

Positive thinking produces positive words that will uplift and encourage, revive and stimulate the soul. It is medicine to the heart and life to the bones. Although remaining positive among much negativity is hard, if you can master it, you will tap into a positive energy flow that will make your life:

  • Blessed
  • Fulfilled
  • Rewarding


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