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What honey can do for your health !

Updated on January 15, 2016

The honey is a product used by the Man since thousands of years. Besides its gustative specificities, the honey has a several benefits on the health. Zoom on this naturally delicious product.

Honey: much more than a tasteful affair

Besides being delicious, the honey is a "miracle" product, presenting multiple beneficial virtues for the health. The honey offers several internal and external used benefits. To fight against any forms of fatigue (physical and intellectual), the honey is particularly recommended. It restores tonus and vitality. This quality results from its wealth in pollen.

The honey also has laxatives properties, it prevents effectively the constipation.

The benefits of the honey depend on its composition.

The honey of locust tree is for example an expectorating voucher whereas that of the orange tree cleanses the urinary ways.

The honey of lavender fights the respiratory problems and that of the pine favor the sleep.

The honey is also very used in medical environment because of its antimicrobial virtues, antiseptics and antibiotics.

The specificities of the product (wealth in propolis, density) confer it antibacterial and disinfecting faculties.

The honey is also an excellent cosmetic. Brands of cosmetics use it, in particular, the royal jelly, for its stimulating capacities. Moreover, the royal jelly was very used by the time of the Greek and Roman civilizations. The women of this time offered themselves baths to the milk and to the honey to have a soft and young skin.

Honey: a better version of the sugar

By consuming the present industrial sugar in our food, we absorb an excessive quantity of fructose. Present in practically all the sweet industrialized products, the fructose is responsible for the obesity and for the arterial high blood pressure. It also exposes us to cardiovascular risks. The fructose is indeed a pro-oxidizer. It means that it helps cells to age more quickly by developing in the heart of these the famous free radicals responsible for several age-related diseases.

Have the same gustative contributions as the industrial sugar, the honey does not contain bad fructose and so protects the health. It is rich in antioxidant nutriments. Besides, the honey is more sweetening than the industrial sugar. Decorating herb teas, sandwiches, cakes and the other delicacies, it consumes calmly.

Know however that the honey is not without danger for the diabetics. These last ones indeed have to inquire before enjoying benefits of the honey.


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