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The best FREE workout routine in the internet. It will get you build muscle, burn fat, and get ripped, FAST.

Updated on November 23, 2010

During many years workout routines are being done to get you ripped in the fastest time possible. Workout routines like P90X and Insanity workout get the work done in a quick time and you feel the results instantly while you are doing it. Sadly all these workouts often cost some big money, about $200 each. Now I understand that for some people this might not be much but I can understand to people who is a lot and let’s face it everybody loves a free workout. Now, the other problem is that there are many free workouts out there, since the internet is such a big place, many of them don’t work or do not reach the results you and I are looking for. Some time ago I found a workout that really took me to the limit and pushed my body to the point you get obsessed with that kind of adrenaline. Let me introduce it to you.

Introduction to perfect abs

The workout is called I Want Six Pack Abs, don’t be fooled my friends, since it does not only specify in abdominals it takes you to another level in a way that you are working your entire body but in the same time focusing in the abdominals to burn more fat, get more ripped and get better results. You can access the workout in here: and the direct workout in here

How much time does it consume?

The workout itself of getting six pack abs will take 16 weeks in which you will train 3 days a week for about 1 hour. It is not that time consuming and it will get the work done fast since the workouts really push you to the limit. Now the great thing with this workout is that it does not end here. There are many more programs to continue building muscle and burning body fat that will keep you losing fat and gaining muscle for a lot of time.

Do I have to keep a diet?

The workouts does include a diet plan that can be very effective if followed, however it all depends on what is your personal goal with working out. If you are looking to build muscle you never have to do such a strict diet just try to eat as much protein and as good fat as possible. However, for somebody who is looking to lose weight rapidly I would recommend the diet plan that is included in the workout for better performance.

Do I really don’t spend a dime in this workout?

The workout itself will not charge you a single cent. There is a way you might need to spend some money, but it’s optional. Some things I recommend (but are not completely necessary) are some workout stuff. For instance I would recommend a rubber ball for better abdominal performance, a pull up bar and dumbbells. But if you are looking to spend the least money possible I would highly recommend a kit of resistance bands that will work all around perfectly.

What can I use this workout for and how does it help me perform?

The purpose of this workout is to get you fit and look better by getting ripped abs and ripped muscles. Nevertheless, when it comes to performance this workout will give you the same changes you will notice by going to the gym, it will not get you the performance improvement that P90X workouts will give you since it does not include specific performance workouts therefore it will not boost performance as P90X does. However, this workout works perfectly to get you prepared for P90X. As said in my P90X review, you must pass a fit test to do P90X and this will get you up and running, ready to start P90X in the best shape and get far much better results.

My dear readers, I can assure you this is the best free workout you can possibly get for your time and it will get you amazing results that you will notice since your first days of the workout. I highly recommend you check it out and you can start from here: and start noticing incredible results since the beginning. Good luck to everybody trying this workout at home and if any doubts please contact me and be sure to check out my other blogs.

The creator of the website
The creator of the website


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