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The best equipment for building your booty!?

Updated on May 30, 2017

In a quest to build that nice appealing booty we find ourselves introduced to all kinds of equipment to get us that nice round booty we imagine when we first started working out. Well there many problems we face when dealing with a large range of equipment; one being the obvious waiting time on a machine (too much downtime between sets can have a huge effect on your workout). Another being that it most likely on hits the gluteus maxium and little to not at all on the medius or the minimus. So, the goal is to find a way to hit all of your booty muscles as well as limit your wait and rest time between sets. That where the leg bands come in; this take anywhere piece of equipment allows you to hit every part of your booty giving you the more well-rounded booty we’ve strive for.

Gluteus medius

For the gluteus medius you can start off the lateral side steps with the bands. If you’re starting out, I’d must easier to place the bands around your ankles and over time you can move the band up to your knees. Next move you can try is the thera-band lateral walk: Same as the lateral side steps instead your moving a forward direction. Keep in mind when performing both of these exercise that you’re in a partial squat position. Last move I recommend is the lying leg raise; this move really gives your hips and medius a workout.

Gluteus minimus

We can start off with the side plank leg lifts; this move also targets your core as well as the gluteus medius. IF you’re having trouble performing this move with the bands, that’s ok just try without them (you’re still not waiting in line to use a machine). Another great move would be the calm; Lie on the floor on your right side. Place your right hand on your left hip. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and keep your ankles together. While squeezing your buttocks and heels, lift your left knee and hold that position for 3 to 5 second and return the starting position. You’ll find that the moves that build the minius helps build the medius and vice-versa.

Gluteus maximus

For the most popular glute of all, we start with the donkey kick; start on your hands and knew with your hands under your shoulders while holding on to the bands and your knees under your hip. With your arms straight, knees bent and your right foot at the end of the band you’re going to kick your right foot to the ceiling. After a brief 5 second hold return to the starting position. Our next move would be the band squats; you can leave squats out when working on your maxius. The bands add the type of resistance that allows you to become more engaged in the execution. Last maximus move we look at is the glute bridge; Place the bands right above your knees and lie on your back. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the ground. Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle (note only your upper arm should be touching the floor). While squeezing your glutes dive your hips as high as possible with letting your knees cave in. If you’re looking for some difficulty then try using on leg only.

Working with this inexpensive, easy to carry piece of equipment allows you to get a workout in with ease not matter where you’re at. Would you ever think you could get so much done with this small piece of equipment, which is why it is the best tool for building your buttocks.


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