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The best way to workout Abs

Updated on March 6, 2012

There is really no best Abs workout

There is no best way to workout Abs but there are a few ways that are better than others. Abs are just like any other muscle. Muscles look more ripped and defined when there is very little fat covering them. Muscles grow when they are worked out on. It's quite simple; weights build muscles and cardio melts fat. With that said, you want to do cardio to melt fat and exercises for your Abs. The less fat you have covering the Abs, the more ripped, tone or flat your stomach will be. There are a few good routines you could do to rip up your Abs or get them toned up. Read on and find out some of the routines you can do to get your abs in shape.


Jogging or running is a great way to melt body fat quickly. Jogging and/or running thirty minutes to an hour a day, every single day or at least five days a week, can do wonders for your body, including your abs.

Crunches and sit-ups are great for building abs. Doing high reps seems to work the best when trying to get ripped abs or a flat stomach.

So you would want to jog or run for 5-6 days a week and right after your jog or run, you will want to do a few sets of crunches and sit-ups, and make sure you do high reps. This routine should be followed for at least 4-5 weeks.

Do four ab exercises in a row

You can also have a giant set ab routine. This means you will choose to do four or more ab exercises and do them one after another, all without taking a break in between sets.

So you will want to do a set of crunches, followed by sit-ups, followed by side crunches. followed by leg lifts. After the final rep of leg lifts has been completed, you will want to take a short break and then do a few more giant sets. Four or five giant sets is usually good enough.

This routine should be followed for bout four to six weeks. You should do this ab routine at least four days a week. This routine should have your abs looking good within four to six weeks.

The two above routines should be a good start. You must be persistent with an ab routine if you want to get good abs.


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