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The best ways to Avoid the Gas from Eating Beans

Updated on February 21, 2017

Avoiding gas from beans

Cooked beans
Cooked beans

Avoiding the gas from eating beans

Beans are very rich source of protein, zinc, carbohydrate, and other minerals that helps the body to grow. Despite all the numerous benefits derived from eating beans, many people are reluctant to eat them simply because of the fact that they give gas.

In this article, we shall take a look at how you can avoid gas from beans. If you love beans but are afraid that eating them will give you gas, I want to use this article to inform you that there are certain things that you can do while cooking beans or eating them that can save you from suffering from too much gas.

Simple things you can do to prevent gas from beans

Eat beans with vegetables

Consume a lot of vegetables, especially green ones along with your beans meal. When you add a lot of green vegetables like salads, green pepper, cabbage cocoyam leaves, cassava leaves, etc to your beans meal, the amount of gas in the beans is drastically reduced.

The reason why this happens is simply because of the fact that vegetable neutralizes the gas in the beans. The more vegetables you add to the beans, the better. In order to achieve the best results, make sure that the vegetables make the larger portion of your beans meal (the vegetables should be more than the beans).

Eat fruits few hours before eating beans

Another great way to avoid gas from beans is by eating fruits at least two hours before eating your beans meal. The fruits you eat before eating beans help in reducing the gas that is produced by the beans.

Do not combine potatoes and beans

If you want to avoid gas from beans, then be mindful of what you eat the beans with. There are certain foods which are not meant to be combined with beans. A good example of such foods is potato. These two foods should not be eaten together because the body finds it very difficult digesting them.

Eat beans with whole grains

Another great way to eat beans without worrying about gas it produces is by eating them with whole grains. A combination of beans and a whole grain food helps in reducing the gas in beans. Some common examples of whole grain foods include barley, brown rice and millet.

Eat seaweed with beans

Seaweed is another great food that helps in drastically giving us some relief from the gas associated with beans. When you eat seaweed with beans, it not only fights off the gas in the beans, but it also helps the body to digest the beans quickly. On top of all these, seaweed also contains a lot of health benefits. It also makes the beans meal taste better!

Chew beans very well

One of the best ways to avoid having too much gas after eating beans is to make sure that you thoroughly chew your beans. When you are eating a beans meal you don’t have to eat in a rush. Take your time and chew beans gently and thoroughly, as this would aid in digesting it much faster.

Cook beans the proper way

One of the best ways to go about degassing beans is by cooking it the proper way. What do I mean by the phrase “cooking beans the proper way”? You cook beans the proper way when you soak the beans overnight before cooking.

Having soaked your beans overnight, it is imperative that you pour out the water with which you used in soaking the beans and using fresh water to boil the beans. Beans should always contain a lot of water when cooking. Make sure to add salt and other spices only when the beans is very soft and ready for consumption.

Stay away from dairy products the day you eat beans

Eating dairy products such as milk and cheese before or after eating beans will give you gas beyond comprehension. This is simply because dairy products also give us gas. It is for this that many nutritionists and experts often advise people who do not want to experience too much flatulence to stay away from all dairy products the day they eat beans.

Gas in beans can be prevented

Stomach gas from eating beans can make your fart
Stomach gas from eating beans can make your fart


I hope the understanding is much clearer now? Well, it is understood that you can eat beans and avoid the associated gas from it. All you need to do is to follow the above guidelines and you would not have to be scared of eating beans next time.

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