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The causes of anxiety that leads to tinnitus

Updated on March 14, 2011
Ringing my ear
Ringing my ear

How Can tinnitus be treated?

You are said to be affected by tinnitus when you have a constant sensation of ringing or buzzing sound in the ear. This sound has no external sources unlike the usual sounds that we hear. This sound originates in the ear itself and is heard by the sufferer at various levels of intensity. The cause of the occurrence is sometimes physical and sometimes psychological. Mental disturbances like anxiety and stress in a person increases his chances of being affected by tinnitus. The reason behind this is the imbalance that takes place in the nervous system and the overall physiology of the sufferer.

Therapy for Tinnitus
Therapy for Tinnitus

Anxiety that can trigger tinnitus is of many types. A common type of anxiety that is seen to occur in case of many people is General anxiety disorder commonly known as GAD in the field of psychology. It is a kind of anxiety that deprives the person of his peace of mind. A person who is affected by GAD constantly keeps worrying of frivolous issues that he meets with during his routine life. General and common issues of the world are a matter of concern for him. Issues as general as global warming can wreak havoc in his repose. When such general issues are not neglected his personal issues are bound to disturb him. He remains worried of the work that he is assigned. He is constantly under pressure to perform well and be approved by others. His duties and work are taken too seriously by him. His inability to fulfill the expectations of others becomes a matter of colossal concern. This becomes a reason for tinnitus because of the disturbance in the nervous system.

                       Tinnitus which is also known as ringing in ear can be caused due to general anxiety disorder. GAD is the common anxiety that can be because of any reason which may not be an obvious cause of worry for a normal person. These people have a negative frame of mind and always think that a disaster is likely to happen in their life or in the world. This pessimistic approach makes them continuously anticipate bad and negative incidences to occur in their life and this keeps them worried. His social and personal life is interrupted because of his constant worrying. He is also unable to work in a normal way as he would otherwise have worked. His anxiety and worry takes their toll on him and makes him unable to live a happy and normal life. There are some symptoms of GAD that you may observe in people suffering from anxiety.

Ear pain
Ear pain

They are as follows:

  • There is incessant tension and worry which does not seem to end. No matter how much the person tries to curb the tension, he is unable to control his thought process which relentlessly goes on to make him tensed.
  • There is usually an unrealistic approach and outlook to the problems he comes across.
  •  He is in a state of peevishness and behaves in an annoyed manner to whomsoever he interacts with.
  • Headaches and early graying of hair is common in the patients of GAD.
  • There is tension in certain muscles of the body.
  • A person suffering from GAD finds it very difficult to concentrate in his day to day activities. His attention in his work or studies is absolutely poor.
  • The person visits bathroom frequently because of his anxiety, his inability to do work and also because of his poor concentration.

          GAD is a very difficult type of anxiety to deal with which can lead to tinnitus on many occasions. In order to treat ringing in ear occurring from GAD it is important to treat the basic cause of it which is GAD.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Fantastic work. Well-written; researched.

      I will tell you the truth. I really love this hub. And here are the reasons why:

      1. This is an excellent piece of writing. Simply amazing.

      2, I loved the way you worded this hub.

      3. Graphics, superb.

      4. This hub was helpful, informative and very interesting.

      5. Voted Up and all of the choices.

      6. I loved your topic.

      You are certainly a gifted writer. Please keep up the fine work.


      Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

    • profile image

      nikki 3 years ago

      Col, hi, I am searching desparate too. I just got tinnitus, and I am so distressed and getting more anxiety. Just wanted to say you're not alone. Do you take meds for gad? I've been trying to get off some, which is when the tinnitus appeared,. I am so afraid this will never go away, I thought vertigo was bad, no way. I'll gladly take it over this buzzing in my ears 24/7.

    • profile image

      Col 3 years ago

      I have Gad real bad and also my tinitus is through the roof 24/7.i am in constant distress over this and don't know what to do has anyone any answers please.

    • profile image

      Ian 3 years ago

      Doesn't make sense, you need to show more proof on your scientific basis or at least an explanation on why stress can lead to Tinnitus because in reality it is said to be temporary and caused by the high blood pressure in your body causing the loud ringing noise in your ear to become WORSE.

    • bullrider's mom profile image

      bullrider's mom 6 years ago from oklahoma

      My husband has Meiniere's disease. He has had it about 15 years. He has always worked in the metal industry. This is a very hard Job. I have noticed that the harder the job and the more he has to handle the metal the worse he got. He gets dizzy, and sick at his stomach, he has bad headaches. He has become unable to work a full day. His job has let him go. We have looked for ways to help him. The best thing we found for years was ginko baloba. This disease has no cure. We finally found a specialist that tried to treat him but this has done no good. Now he is at home and gets plenty of rest he seems to be better. I never gave anxiety a thought. I did however realize that the fatigue was playing a large part. Tinnitus is another name they have called this. It is more serious than people think. Thank you for your hub.