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The challenges of medical assistants go both ways

Updated on August 27, 2012

Do the Right Thing

According to the U.S. News and World Report, Feb 2010, the medical assistant field is all it is cracked up to be. Medical assistants are ranked number four in U.S. News Best Jobs, having an overall score of 7.5 out of 10. The employment rate is doing well at a 5.5% unemployment rate and the position seems to carry a medium satisfaction rating.

Furthermore, the overall observation of the field, of medical assisting, includes an average of 527, 600 medical assistants that provide the assistance needed to handle and address the administrative and clinical duties of a doctor's office and the other various medical facilities and affiliates camps. Basically, this occupation involves different forms of multitasking.

Examples, during a typical work day, duties like filling out insurance forms, manning the front desk, answering the phones, helping the doctor by changing dressings and ointments, as well as answering the phones are definitely demanding requirements of the job. Oddly enough, medical assistants don't always work in a hospital. In fact, ophthalmologists or optometrists also need medical assistants, too. In this particular specialty the medical assistant can conduct vision tests and assist the patients with their eye ware and contact lens.

This is great news for the up and coming. According to resources medical assistants are being trusted more and more. They provide many services that include having direct contact with patients and intravenous procedures and vaccines, tending to wounds and even providing cosmetic injections like Botox! Consequently, there are requirements for being able to perform those types of procedures.

Just because you may become a 'medical assistant' does not mean that you can just go at it and start participating in various medical procedures. Not even if you are under a doctor's supervision. With that said, be assured to go to the mark and investigate which path you should go in, pertaining to that particular career. There are different schools and a handful of licenses, which must be earned and award, in order to have a legal right to do certain procedures and of course that, in turn, will affect the pay for the medical assistant.

On the other hand, there are risks to this occupation, as well. There are many laws and procedures, which must adhered to. In many practices the blame is place on everything, from the ventilation, the type of doctor, to the qualifications of the departments at the time; and there are also those groups that want to get on the map.

For instance, there is this former medical assistant, Betty Guerra. She was in the medical assistant field for many years. During her career she has various duties, as expected. Until this one incident occurred where she was accused of performing a Botox injection without the proper certified authority. As a result of this, Betty Guerra was arrested and put into a jail of Nevada.

Ultimately, she was release and the charges were dismissed, but as a result of being exposed and accused of those 10 felony charges- 'unlawful practice of medicine'; she experienced stress and mental turmoil. This same turmoil is blamed for her losing her position as a medical assistant. Surprisingly, this stress was so strong that even though Betty Guerra was a physician, in her native Peru, the stress caused by the publicity of that particular case cause her to throw in the flag. Conversely, she is not bitter and has continued on. The life of a humanitarian.

In conclusion, the medical assistant field is open and awaiting the generations of eager participants. The adventures of teamwork, isolation, and accountability challenges will be ensured to occur and linger in the rooms and labs that are used for its purpose. The people are also in the midst needing your helping hand for many various reasons. So, be sure to investigate and prepare for the multitudes of responsibility; as well as boost your ideals for humanities and growth as a humanitarian. The field of a medical assistant demands it.


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