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The consequences of overdrinking, alcohol misuse or alcohol abuse

Updated on October 5, 2011

Many look up to drinking wine and liquors as a mean of getting away from stress and to unwind from a hard day work. Drinking and bingeing was also a form of having further fun and enjoyment especially during any celebration such as birthdays, baptismal, weddings, etc.

But for many people who start to have a taste of wine the dosage of their intake increases as time goes by. From one bottle it increases to two, then it increases to two and eventually one will have the knack of drinking four or more bottles a day.

It is okay to drink especially when the intake is moderate. But if one began abusing alcohol then this can pose problems in the future.

Even if one drinks on his own, the effects of overdrinking might give troubles and even tragedies to others. Overdrinking is often linked with numerous vehicular accidents (motorcycles, cars, trucks and the like) worldwide. Millions of people have some parts of their body lost forever due to mishaps while numerous people perished while figuring in an accident. Billions of dollars are lost each year due to accidents. Alcohol misuse also play a role in physical assaults and killings, various health problems and verbal and physical abuse. Alcohol abuse also has an emotional and personal impact on the lives of the family members especially the children.

According to United States National Institute of Health, “not everyone who drinks regularly has a problem,” and added “… not all problem drinkers drink every day.” Scores of individuals that are not alcoholics have the tendency to drink excessively without knowing it. On the other hand, some drink five or more bottles from time to time.

But when one becomes so many?

Though alcohol can be good to the when taken in moderation like digestion of foods, keeps the heart in good shape (red wines) and among others, it contains strong ingredients that can alter how the mind and body works.

Here is a list of dangers of overdrinking and bingeing:

Alcohol misuse may hinder the drinker’s judgment and acuity and this may pave the way for troubles and misunderstandings in various restaurants, bars, discos and the like.

The stings of alcohol may entice a drinker to lower his guards and may result to reduced inhibitions. Appalling motives, thoughts and desires that we usually keep in check start to become okay and intolerable. Our consciousness of being forthright might be impaired. Alcohol abuse may lure you to do things that are against your norms, and as a result you can be vulnerable to spiritual catastrophe (like committing adultery).

Wines can be likened to snakes’ venom. Once the venom sinks in to one’s nerves and senses, chances are, he will be subjected to making unrestrained speech and actions. A man who overindulged too much the night before might end up waking up in the sidewalk or perhaps even badly beaten without any idea which transpired when he was drunk. A man whose consciousness is impaired by alcohol abuse may end up having arguments that will eventually invite dispute and quarrels.

Overdrinking can harm one’s physical health. Alcohol taken in huge quantities can arise to different kinds of cancer diseases, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis in the liver, pancreatitis, low blood sugar in people with diabetes, fetal alcohol syndrome, stroke or heart failure and the long list goes on. Then there can be a possibility of one experiencing coma or death because of too much alcohol drinking.


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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Alcohol should not be taken in any form very harmful for health