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The difference between you and everyone else

Updated on April 26, 2016

What does being different mean to you?

Do you think that most people accept difference?

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The difference between you and everyone else

Perhaps you've heard the expression "dare to be different". Why does that premise of daring to be different actually matter, and what does it mean? The world is made up of individuals with different passions, abilities, dreams, beliefs and views on life. Being different in this world sometimes comes with being bullied or other hateful actions, but being different is what creates success in people. Most said that some of the world's foremost authorities and geniuses of our time were crazy, but when they created something that changed the world their differences were embraced by the world. I'm not saying that you have to create the next iphone, unless you want to, but what i'm saying is that success always starts with being different. You have to accept your difference and be willing to work towards your vision to succeed. The reality is that most people in the world will never accomplish their dreams, or even try to do dare to be different because they are more concerned with how others view them. Being a visionary or accomplishing a life goal is about having a plan yes, but at some point you have to break away from the pack and stick firmly to your goals in order to achieve them. It may require you to break from your "normal" routine or your "normal" though process, but you have to be invested in creating a new "normal" if you want to be successful


Creating your new normal is as hard as it sounds. It simply requires that you break away from the habits and thought processes that don't relate to your goal. The hard part of your creating your new normal is the implementation of the new changes you've created in your mind. If only a small percentage of people are successful, then you have to model your mind and life around creating methods that will work for you goals. We can't simply do the same things every day and expect things to just change for us, i'm sure you are already familiar with the definition of insanity. So here's where the rubber meets the road. In order to be different in the sense that you are prepping yourself to break away from the pack you have to do 5 things:

  1. Be willing to commit to your change
  2. Take imperfect action
  3. Align yourself with like minded people
  4. Change your environment to fit your new goal
  5. Don't be sensitive! Be willing to take criticism. Learn from it, embrace the haters!

The world was built from individuals who were willing to change themselves first, before they changed the world. You have the power inside of you to be whatever you want to be, don't let anyone or anything stop you from accomplishing your goals. Different isn't bad, different is simply a change from the norm.


The answer is that there is no difference between you and everyone else. We are all the same and you are just like everyone else who doesn't accomplish their goals and will never step out of the box to do anything. How do you feel hearing that? If it doesn't tick you off then something is wrong. I saw a quote the other day and perhaps you've read it too, "Next year you will wonder why you didn't start today". You may be perfectly fine not accomplishing your goals or being in the same place next year that you are today and if so, don't change anything. However if you want more, if you want to start creating the life that you want, you have to start with identifying who "everyone" is around you. The most amazing thing happens when you start to change yourself and work towards your goals. You either attract people who have always wanted to change their lives and accomplish their goals or you create haters who hate seeing you progress and separate themselves from you. Indeed you will draw people to you that are positive minded simply by making the changes in your life required to creating your life plan. If the worst thing that could be said about you is that you do things differently than most, then you are probably on the right track to success. Is there a straight line to success? No, your road to success will include some ups and downs but at the end of the day you should take pride in your journey to being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Be true to yourself and your vision for your life and don't even let your own negative thoughts sidetrack you from doing what you need to do. You have to be your best advocate when it comes to achieving the life you want. Create your reality and your success and dare to be different.

Here's to your success,


How to be different

  1. Change your environment
  2. Change your Associates
  3. Don't be sensitive! Accept criticism


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