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The Exact Age When Different Body Parts Start To Decline Has Revealed

Updated on August 31, 2012

We are the owners of a valuable gift - health, and each of us is free to keep it in the best way we can. And we can save the resource of health for years to come, or to waste it.

In today's world we can notice an increasing focusing onhealthy lifestyles.The main share of responsibility for their ownhealthrests on each individualperson in part.

What's going on inside us, when does our body begin age and what can we do to stop it or to to make the process slower? We have this question is very interested in since childhood. It can be hard to believe but the body heals itself, given the right food, rest and exercise. But, unfortunately, the body starts dying under normal conditions too. When do certain body parts start to age? Different parts of our body ages at different times.

We all accept that getting older is inevitable. It comes the time when different parts of the body start to lose their battle with time.

The human body consists of billions of cells. Our cells have a very complicated constriction, for each organ they are quite different. In humans, there are over one hundred types of cells. Each cell is a living organism. Cell divides, creating new cells. In the human body cells are constantly being renewed - the old die, the new ones are born. And if the cells are updated, then why people get old? Why, nevertheless, we grow old and sick. So, why a person gets old, despite the fact that cells are constantly updated?

The aging of cells are the result of destructively constant stress, negative emotions, physical and mental strain, chronic fatigue. These factors strongly influence the fact that person gets old. Stress has a particular impact on the body's cells. For example, cholesterol under stress is more quickly deposited on the walls of blood vessels. Slugging of all cells and the whole organism is the main reason why people grow old and sick.

What are main factors that contribute to aging of organs and tissues?

Polluted environment, especially in industrialized countries, as well as environmental disasters, which lead to the fact that in the lungs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels are, deposited toxic substances. Consumption of not healthy food, especially canned food; food, that contributes to the accumulation of toxins in the liver and intestine.

Smoker's lungs contain large amounts of slag, tar and other toxic chemicals. Abuse of alcohol is especially dangerous for liver. Reduce the stress of modern life the body's defenses; decrease the ability to completely remove the toxins from the body. When people start to get old too soon it ito start cleansing the body, a person has ceased to be sick and live a long time.

Anti aging supliments for brain

Brain starts ageing at about 20, and as we get older, the number of neurons in the brain decreases. By 40, we could be losing up to 10,000 neurons per day, affecting memory coordination and brain function.

Here we can take into consideration the most popular and effective anti aging supliments for brain. Since the old times people use them, so they proved their effect:

Bee Pollen – is rich in Acetyl and Choline, substances which are good neuro-transmitters for communication between neurons.

Taking pollen may also help reduce the effects of stress and aid digestive system function.

Royal Jelly – contains the ‘B’ complex vitamins which is good for the brain.

Ginkgo Plus – ginkgo leaf yields flavonoids & terpenoids which strengthen capillaries. They also act as antioxidants. Ginkgo has been shown to increase circulation of blood to the brain.

The most popular and effective anti aging supliment for lungs

Lungs start ageing at 20. By the age of 40, some people are already experiencing breathlessness. This is partly because the muscles and the rib cage which controls breathing become stiff.

The most popular and effective anti aging supliment for lungs, since old times are:

Garlic Thyme – a natural antibiotic which kills bacteria and viruses.

Bee Propolis – a natural antibiotic which kills bacteria, viruses and supports the immune system.

Absorbent ‘C’ – powerful antioxidant which supports the immune system.

Anti agying maintenance for skin

Skin starts ageing at mid-20s.

Anti agying maintenance for skin, the best supliments:

Pomesteen Power – powerful anti-oxidant for smooth and younger looking skin.

Royal Jelly – it has pantothenic acid, the anti wrinkle vitamin.

Nature Min – essential in the absorption of Vitamins needed by the skin from the food we eat.

Anti Aging maintenance for hair

Hair starts ageing at 30. Male hair loss usually begins in the 30s. Every follicle grows hair and lost it after every 3 years, and a new hair grows. Most people will have some grey hair by the age of 35.

Anti Aging maintenance for hair:

Bee Pollen – contains all the vitamins that the hair needs to remain healthy.

Aloe Vera Gel – good cell regenerator; provide proper nourishment of the hair.

Aloe Vera Gelly – topical application that kills the bacteria that destroy the roots of the hair.

Take into consideration aromatherapy for hair.

Muscles Aging

Muscles start ageing at 30. Muscle is constantly being built up and broken down, a process which is well balanced in young adults.

However, by the time we are 30, we lost more muscles faster than we can replace them.

Once we reach 40, we start to lose between 0.5 to 2% of our muscle each year.

Regular exercise can help prevent this.

Anti Aging Maintenance For Muscles

Anti Aging Maintenance For Muscles: Royal Jelly, Forever Bee Pollen, Nature Minerals.

Anti Aging suppliment for bones

Bones start ageing usually at 35. Throughout our life, old bone is broken down by cells and replaced by bone-building cells - a process called bone turnover. Children's bone growth is rapid - the skeleton takes just two years to renew itself completely. In adults, this process can take ten years. Until our mid-20s, bone density is still increasing. But at the age of 35 bone loss begins as part of the natural ageing process.

Anti Aging suppliment for bones:

Nature Mineral – needed for proper bone composition.

Absorbent ‘C’ – powerful anti- oxidants that repair body tissues.

Pomesteen Power – powerful anti-oxidant

Forever Freedom – for a healthy joints and bones.

Forever Calcium – major mineral that strengthen the bones.

Teeth Aging

Teeth start ageing at 40. As we grow older, we produce less saliva, which washes away bacteria, so teeth and gums are more vulnerable to decay.

Anti ageing suppliments for teeth: Absorbent ‘C’, Nature Min, Calcium.

Eyes Aging

Eyes start ageing at 40. Many people above 40 years old start wearing reading glasses as failing eyesight begins - usually long sightedness, affecting our ability to see objects close to us.

Anti ageing suppliments for eyes: Carrot-a-Day, Nutritious Face and Eye Gel with Organic Carrot Oil.

Heart Aging

The heart starts ageing at 40. This is the time when the pumping action of the heart to pump blood around the body becomes less effective. This is because blood vessels losses elasticity. Arteries can harden or become blocked because of fatty deposits formed in the coronary arteries - caused by eating too much saturated fat.

Kidneys Aging

Kidneys starts ageing at 50. With your kidneys, the number of filtering units (nephrons) that remove waste from the bloodstream starts to reduce in middle age.

Taste and Smell Aging

Taste and smell start ageing at 60. We start out in life with about 10,000 taste buds scattered on the tongue. We lost 50% of our taste buds later in mid-life. After we turn 60, taste and smell gradually decline, partly as a result of the normal ageing process.

Voice Aging

Voice starts ageing at 65. Our voices become quieter and hoarser as we grow older. The soft tissues in the voice box weaken, affecting the pitch, loudness and quality of the voice.

Liver Aging

Liver starts ageing at 70. This is the only organ in the body which seems to defy the aging process.


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    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Unfortunatelly we do not eat as much Honey as we need. I have read that it is very good even to use instead of sugar.

      Agvulpes, thanks for your nice comment!

      Wish you health and wealth... :)

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 7 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the great information on the bee products. I'm not sure if has the same effect but we do eat a lot of Honey?

    • ramkkasturi profile image

      ramkkasturi 7 years ago from India

      Very interesting and informative. I have been using some of the above. They help.Thanks for the nice hub

    • gramarye profile image

      gramarye 7 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

      Great Hub, bee products are nature's secret weapon, and you have given good advice.

    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Nirmal, Thank you stopping by. I think all the wasy prescribed here are natural.

      I think, all Bee Products you can buy from the market, not from Amazon.

      Aloe vera, for example, a lot of people have it at home. So, you can easily use it with honey.

    • nirmal213 profile image

      nirmal213 7 years ago from cochin

      this hub seems to be awesome.....but why have u prescibed only

      only medicines and stuffs??

      why dont u just put some natural ways to curb these problems..??

      i think that would be better and would help us save money too...

    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank you Cristina!

      Wish you a wonderful week!


    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 7 years ago from Manila

      Great hub. I find it very informative and very helpful. Thank you for sharing this article. Have a great day.

    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank you Tony for stopping by, reading and share your opinion!

      I think, alternative treatment is beneficial for all people but especially for those individuals who do not want major side effects. Simply, they provide the way to a happier lifestyle.

      Stay healthy and be wealthy!


    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      Very informative and interesting. I am also really into the alternatives like this.

      Thanks for the research and writing.

      Love and peace


    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank You Sage!

      I am really for alternative treatments as well.

      I really appreciate the value of Bee Propolis and Polen.

      Also,I see honey as an alternative to sugar.

      Be healthy!

    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 7 years ago

      Terrific hub, very informative. I am all for alternative treatments. It was interesting to learn about so many that I was not aware of and what each one is used for.

      Thanks for a really informative hub. Well done!