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The Flow of Energy and Positive Thinking, Create Anything You Want!

Updated on May 9, 2017

Create what you want

The universe is made up of vibrations and energy and everything we think and feel we will create.Our mind is a powerfull tool and we can bring anything to us but if we send negative thoughts, then in return we will create negative things. If you go around everyday saying my life is getting nowhere, or I will never have enough money to be happy, then your mind is setting that emotion into effect and in return creating that vibration to the universe and telling it that this is how your life must be.

We must be physically, psychologically and emotionally ready. We must believe in it and ourselves and furthermore we must have self esteem. We should do a soul search to find our weakness and our strong points, not everyone realizes it but we manifest our thoughts every single day.

Another good way to help create what you want is to write what you want down on paper and read each item out loud, "I have the job as a supervisor", not " I will have the job as a supervisor" we want to tell the universe that we already have it and put as much feeling and vibration into it that we feel and in our mind know we have that job.

Everything in the universe works according to energy and natural vibrations, like attracts like, so whatever you put out there, then you will attract the same kind of energy to you. We are magnets, so we will draw whatever kind of emotions and thoughts we feel.

Meditation is a great way to still the mind and help focus on what we want. we want to clear our mind from all the everyday thoughts and emotions. Take ten minutes a day to visualize a positive white light flowing down from the heavens and into your crown chakra, through your body, pushing all negative energy out your feet and down into the universe, feel this vibration flowing through you, know it is clearing out all negative thoughts and emotions. Thank the universe for accepting this energy once you are done. Now that you have cleared out these vibrations you can start to focus on what you want.

We all have energy flowing through us every day, but just like our physical body can be out of shape, so can our body of energy. When I say body of energy I'm referring to our chakras, I'm just going to speak briefly on this topic there is a lot of great information and exercises on chakras all over the internet that you can read up on. So what are chakras? they are fields of energy that, if they are not aligned correctly, then our energy will not flow right and in return cause problems in our everyday lives.They can be pictured as flowers or wheels and they spin in a circular motion, we need these wheels to be working properly for us to manifest and create what we want. Each chakra has is own color, so as we meditate on this energy we will picture this color on what ever wheel we are trying to open up and align. There is the root chakra which is red, the sacral chakra which is orange, solar plexus is yellow, heart chakra is green, the throat is blue, our brow chakra is indigo 'this is also known as our 3rd eye', and last our crown chakra which is violet or it can be known as white also. So I would suggest that after you meditate on positive energy flowing through you and releasing the negative energy, to then meditate on each chakra to open it up and align each one, by doing this we will be more attuned with the universal energy.

Now lets talk a little bit about creative visualization. This is a great tool to help bring what you want into your life, with practice at meditation and aligning our chakras, creative visualization can work wonders. Although we can still create what we want through this technique without everything I spoke about in the beginning, it helps a lot more if we are attuned to the universal energy and have a positive outlook on things. So what is creative visualization? its the idea to create a very clear mental image of what we want in our mind and set it out into the universe. For every thought there is an action, the mind accepts thoughts and thoughts change balance around us, through this effect they shape our reality. We need to be open minded and set no limitations, we need to start off with small things first as we learn this technique, the bigger things will take some time to achieve. When our thoughts are out there they can travel from mind to mind, so they may just be picked up by someone who we may need in our life to help reach our goals. We use creative visualization every day we just don't know it. There are five techniques we can use to create what we want through this method.

1) Relax: use whatever meditation technique you like and calm your mind.

2) Imagine: Create a clear mental image of your intended outcome if its a brand new Toyota Camry then make it a mental image of you driving in the Toyota, if its a certain job you want then picture yourself already at that job and working it.

3) Feel: This will combine with number two,as you imagine yourself in that brand new car you also want to feel like you have it already, not that you will have it. Put as much feeling as you can into it.

4) Believe: You want to believe you have whatever it is you are trying to manifest.

5) Detach: And last you want to detach yourself from the everyday negative thinking that we can not have what we want in life.With a little help from the universe and positive thinking you can create an abundance of joy and wealth for yourself.


I really hope the information I shared with you is very helpful in understanding that we as Humans can create anything we want in life. We all go about our lives believing that there is only one way to achieve our goals, in reality there are plenty of ways of getting what you want.If you can just understand that everything is energy, then with a few simple techniques on meditation and creative visualization, we can create anything.


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