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The forbidden fruit: Cholesterol issues

Updated on July 12, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

        We have all heard it said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” I don’t know about you but color me picky, I like my apples green and crunchy… you know before they get all red and squishy though I have to admit when push comes to shove I’d rather have the red and picky than none at all which brings me to my bone of today…you guessed it-apples!

        Since the dawn of time apples have been with us from the Garden of Eden to the all infamous apples and the law of gravity or the golden apples of Greek mythology but whether green, red or golden I think they must be really something to have been present in the Garden of Eden.

       Anyway, while the issue of the forbidden fruit does arouse some interest, I wish to indulge you to graciously fall with me as we succumb to it nutritional gifts.

       According to research, apples and apple products such as apple juice are considered to help decrease the risk of heart disease and possibly even your blood pressure. This is because it helps protect the arteries from harmful plaque build up. About two apples or two glasses of 100% apple juice have been shown to slow down the oxidation of cholesterol. Ideally cholesterol is supposed to support the structure of the cell membrane meaning it should be able to reach the target cells easily. However when oxidation occurs its causes the cholesterol to be sticky meaning instead of floating around easily in the blood it starts sticking to the walls of the blood vessels.

         Picture a clogged drainage pipe; or a garden hose when you want to increase the pressure of the water flowing out, you place a finger at the opening to reduce the hole causing the same amount of water to flow out as a spray. But when you block the opening completely the flow is cut off and unless the finger causing the blockage is removed then the flow of the drainage is hampered and the main source pops out.

         This is the same thing that happens with blocked arteries, blockages causes the blood flow to be impaired hence the heart attack for a severely blocked artery or high blood pressure to ensure that the same amount of blood is delivered at to the rest of the body.

         Therefore if you ask me if two apples or a glass or two of apple juice a day can help reduce oxidation of the cholesterol and allow it to flow freely in my body then I bet I would take the two apples all day every day heck ship me to an orchard, better yet due to my busy schedule and given that i live in the city and the commute would be insane why not give me the number to the manufacturer of apple juice and have them deliver a carton of the stuff to my office and my house…new rules!


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