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The Healing Powers of Sea Salt Without a Trip to the Beach

Updated on December 15, 2015

Dead Sea

The Healing History of Sea Salt

The ancient Greeks held the healing powers of sea salt and their beloved salt rich Mediterranean in high esteem. The Greek philosopher Plato even wrote, "The sea cures all ailments of man." Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine, was also thought to use salt in his practice. Historians believe he was the first to use it in inhalation of steam for the relief of respiratory issues which is a practice still be used today.

The Bible references the healing powers of the Dead Sea, known in the Bible as the "Salt Sea" as a place of refuge for King David. The Dead Sea attracts thousands of visitors from the Mediterranean basin and beyond. People use the salt and waters from the dead sea for healing purposes. Two thousand years ago, the Roman Historian Flavius wrote: “The Dead Sea cannot be praised too highly… travelers take this salt home because it heals the human body and is therefore used in many medicines.” Herod the Great considered the Dead Sea to be one of the world’s first health resorts.

How Sea Salt Can Help You

Research has shown that salt therapy is particularly effective in treating patients with respiratory ailments such as allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, emphysema, and cystic fibrosis. Salt particles, when inhaled kill pathogenic micro-organisms and dehydrating microbial cells, soothing inflammation and reducing the thickness of mucus. By reducing inflammation and reducing mucus the body has the ability to remove destructive pathogens and mucus naturally.

Sea salt is believed to naturally build the bodie's immune system. This allows the body to stave off colds, flu, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.

Ancient Greeks traveled to the Dead Sea to bath in the waters. The waters were believed to have healing powers to the skin. Today a sea salt bath is used to relieve dry and itchy skin and to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. By opening up the skin's pores and increasing circulation, the skin is able hydrate and repair itself.

Swallowing salt water at the beach may have made you gag when you were a child but some experts believe that consuming sea salt in your diet can help in weight loss. It helps aid in digesting foods faster and helps to prevent a clogged digestive track. This allows for weight loss and can relieve symptoms of constipation.

Drinking a glass of warm water with a pinch of salt has is also believed to help you sleep well. You can't taste the unprocessed salt and is believed to aid in ending the symptoms of insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Warm sea salt water is also used to reduce pain and heal sore throats caused by cold and flu. A Netipot with warm salt water is used to reduce inflammation due to allergies and sinus infections. It is also believed to speed healing to both the nose and throat when used in these therapies.

For the fitness fanatic sea salt is probably already their best friend. A sea salt bath can be essential for helping to relieve the pain of overused muscles. Sea salt also contains small amounts of potassium and can help the body absorb potassium from other foods which is essential for optimal muscle performance. It is commonly used to reduce muscle spasms, cramps, and minor aches from overuse.

The body stores 1/4 of its salt in the bones which keeps them strong and healthy. When we limit our salt intake to an unhealthy level, the body begins to draw that salt from our bones leaving them vulnerable. Moderate consumption of sea salt with plenty of water is believed to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Sea salt can transform your bath into a tranquil and healing spa.
Sea salt can transform your bath into a tranquil and healing spa. | Source

What Do The Experts Think?

The internet is full of articles and expert opinions on whether or not you should even consume salt at all. Turn on the television and there will probably be a health story on something you thought was good for you but is not believed to be bad or vice versa. It's hard to evaluate all the information that is disseminated. Most experts do agree on one thing, our bodies need salt to function properly. They also agree that too much sodium consumption can be bad for us. The American Heart Association warns that in many people too much sodium creates a risk for higher blood pressure, increased stroke risk, and other serious heart problems. Experts also agree that Americans are consuming too much salt in our over processed food diets. The debate still rages on as to whether table salt or sea salt is best for your daily intake. The key to anything is moderation. The body needs salt to maintain optimal health, but we are consuming too much of it and in all the wrong places. Knowledge is power so always discuss what is best for you and your individual situation with your personal physician.

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Ways You Can Get The Healing Power of Sea Salt Without A Trip To The Beach

  • Salt Cave- These fast growing cavernous spaces located in spas are filled with layers and layers of healing Himalayan Salts. The air is saturated with negative ions and natural minerals to allow you to sit back and breathe in the healing. As you breathe in the salt air your body releases toxic impurities that lead to inflammation and respiratory illness such as bronchitis.
  • Sea Salt Scrubs- Available in most health and beauty stores and in a lot of larger grocery chains, sea salt scrubs can easy be used in the shower to slough off dead skin and open pores to reduce acne, dermatitis, and to exfoliate dry skin leaving a healthy glow.
  • Sea Salt Bath- A generous scoop of sea salt to your warm bath will transform you to the beach in no time. Ancient sea salt that is perfect to ease your tired muscles and heal your skin is available online or in your favorite health and wellness store.
  • Sea Salt Food Seasoning- A sea salt grinder in as easy to find as your favorite grocery store. Add it to your favorite foods including baked goods as you see fit.
  • Sea Salt Water- Some nutritionists believe that adding a warm glass of water in the morning and the evening with just a pinch of sea salt can help with sleep, weight loss, and metabolism. Gargling salt water is often used to ease sore throat pain. Warm salt water in a Netipot is used to ease sinus inflammation and heal sinus infections.

The Healing Powers of Salt

Why choose the healing powers of sea salt?

  • Sea salts have been used in healing since accident times.
  • Sea salt is used to in respiratory ailments, muscle aches and spasms, to relieve stress, to improve the bodies immune system, for skin healing skin conditions, and for weight loss.
  • Sea salt therapy is natural and readily available.
  • Sea salt therapy does not replace other medical advice but can be safely used in conjunction with modern medicine. Always consult with your doctor before adding anything to your health regimen.

Table Salt vs. Sea Salt

Table Salt
Sea Salt
mined from underground
from evaporated ocean water
heavily processed
very little processing
added iodine
no added iodine
fine texture
varied texture
same taste
varied taste based on source
Sea salt is a perfect way to spice up all your favorite foods.
Sea salt is a perfect way to spice up all your favorite foods. | Source

The Salty Summary

While experts are still at odds as to how much, which one, and how often, the facts are clear that the body needs salt for healthy function. The American Heart Association recommends consuming 1,500 milligrams of less of sodium and the average American consumes 3,400 milligrams a day. The highest salt content is found in processed foods that Americans have grown accustomed to. By reducing processed foods and controlling how we use salt and which salt we use we can actually tap into the healing and healthy powers of salt.

If you find you just can't give up your salty processed foods you can use the other natural sea therapy methods to improve sleep, boost your immune system, ease the pain of sore muscles, reduce stress and tension, and improve lung health.

Whatever your health goals are there is probably a way sea salt can help and you don't have to book an expense trip to the Dead Sea or buy an airline ticket for the nearest beach. With the blessing your doctor you can easily add sea salt to your healthy lifestyle. Sea salt is available in many grocery stores, health and wellness stores, and online. Again, always consult your doctor for what is best to make you happy and healthy.


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