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The ignorance of close minded people

Updated on March 28, 2013

Close Minded People

I have noticed on some forum discussions I have started and participated in, a particular close minded troll that only thinks their opinion is the sole opinion. They don't seem to have any expansion of consciousness. They put down anyone that doesn't agree with them and it is just very rude to anyone that really wants to have an interesting discussion. Like the saying goes:

" Ignorance is Bliss".

The sad thing is I think they enjoy antagonizing others to see how much they can get a rise out of them. But I have learned through another forum that I started over a year ago that anyone can write or say anything they want as it is a free forum. These kinds of people exist all over the Internet and in life.

So how should we go about dealing with these people? I have found that by responding to them it only fuels their fire and ignorant comments. So I find that stating my point and then ignoring them seems to be the best way.

In some ways it is a form of bullying ,but it is only words. If I ever met them in person they would be very sad indeed. Anyone can be brave when invisible but when bought to the light I'm sure they would cower. I just think of the sad existance that they must have, emotionaly torturing other people with their razor tounge or words. I have reported them in the past and have gotten kicked off . So I refuse to give anymore energy to them after this article.

I'm just wirting this for all of you to be aware of these trolls and just don't give them any energy whatsoever. Just don't respond to them and they'll eventually go away. They obviously have mental problems and have nothing better to do then to put people down.

Mental health awareness is very important and we all need to be wary of mentally unhealthy individuals. So please be mindful of these individuals and stay clear of them .

I won't say names as I don't want to get kicked off again , but I am sure if you see some forums that I have been on recently that you'll be able to spot them.

Happy Careful Hubbing to you all.


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