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The importance of Asparagus, Garlic and Watermelon for Kidney protection

Updated on September 13, 2014

Be a self doctor: You can do it.

These days due to consumption of more fast food and unhealthy way of life, people get more kidney failure problems. In the Third world countries people cannot afford kidney transplantation due to poverty. In some cases the transplantation is not possible however the person may have wealth. The failed kidney cannot filter the body wastes and patient gets life at risk. Diabetes and high blood pressure are major reasons that lead kidney failure and these problems are related to food habit and unhealthy way of life. Person who does not eat balanced food and live unhealthy life are prone to diabetes and high blood pressure. To keep kidney healthy one should drink plenty of water, do physical exercises, practice yoga and meditation and most important eat self made organic food as far as possible. The other measure is to be protected from pollution in general and chemical pollution in particular. Chemical pollution can damage kidney within short period of time.

Following food Items have role to protect kidney

Asparagus: Asparagus is one of the good foods for kidney protection. The elements like glycoside and siphoning help to boost the functional power of kidney. These elements have urine excretion, blood purification and removing harmful body toxin capacity. The consumption of asparagus on regular timely basis helps activation of kidney filters who also protects one from acidity and stones in kidney or urinary tracts.

Garlic: Garlic is regarded one of the disease destroyer food item of the nature. The allicin sulfur molecule of garlic protects one from diseases. It boosts the body immune system. Allicin helps to control diabetes and high blood pressure. According to Pharmacological Journal 2008, Garlic reduces the effect Mercury chloride does to kidney. Mercury chloride is widely used in cells and pesticides.

Watermelon: Due to low contain of potassium and phosphorous watermelon is useful fruit for healthy kidney. The excess potassium and phosphorous affect the efficiency of kidney. As water melon contains about 92%of water, it helps to regulate urine. It is useful fruit for people suffering from stone in kidney. However watermelon is not suggested to diabetes patents because of more sugar content. Live healthy life taking precautions.


Asparagus:Keeps kidney problems away.
Asparagus:Keeps kidney problems away. | Source


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