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The importance of Light Therapy

Updated on March 27, 2016

In Light Wellness System my first experience

I was introduced to Photobiomodulation in the products that offer light therapy. I have to say I had a wonderful result from trying one of the many light therapies on the market. Light systems use Near Infrared Light to stimulate healing. How tissue repair takes place is by the body creating Nitric Oxide. I had neck pain and muscle spasms that reduced in intensity by 50%. I also suffered severely from spasms in my calf and these spasms too were reduced. I must mention as well, my sense of well being. I try anything new and it was a pure chance that I was exposed to this. A friend of a friend traveling through Miami from Arizona while promoting another therapy mentioned that he owned one. I had 3 treatments and well what a break through. I hope anyone who needs relief for pain explores this more.

NASA studies and World Class athletes use it.

I truly believe this should be researched by anyone with chronic pain and health issues. I am of the belief that Light Therapies of all sorts will be the norm in the next 20 years or so. Any research will reveal too that NASA has used light therapy as a quick recovery for astronauts. I understand it is used by world class athletes as well. It is well worth exploring.

Feel Free to comment

Please share any experiences in Llight Therapy and Heat Therapy. I am seeking a solution to a 15 year chronic condition triggered by a motor accident and operations after my accident.


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