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Thank You! Two little words that mean soooo much....thanksxamillion

Updated on February 20, 2012

The Importance of Saying Thank You

A few years ago a friend and her husband helped me when I was considering buying an apartment in London. I thought I had conveyed that I really appreciated their help but, apparently, I forgot to actually say the words Thank You to the husband.

Fortunately once I was alerted I fixed the problem by simply saying thank you. It was a good reminder that just because I am thinking thank you, I need to make sure I say it loud and clear.

I have also found that the more I say thank you out loud for the little things in my life as well as the big things - I have a greater sense of well being and happiness.

Making "Thank You" a practice last thing at night and in the morning has really helped me genuinely appreciate our home, my family - it can change my mood and instead of being grumpy about what is not working helps me focus on what is.


Saying Thank You makes you and others feel great

Making thank you a habit and communicating genuine expressions of thank you to others will create and enhance an inner sense of well being, healthier and happier relationships at home, at work and within community.

Keep it simple, keep it genuine - gushing or over worked thank you's sound insincere. Find your personal style.

Whether you say it, write it, email it, buy a gift card, post it on facebook - make it appropriate for the ocassion. If you need more help Alison Doyle at offers many tips for different styles of letters from professional to personal.

If you can't think of something to say thank you for or have a thank you you'd like to share with the world, check out where we are hoping to create a million expressions of thanks for a million different reasons.

After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004, saying thank you for being alive is a no brainer - remembering to say thank you for the smaller things is important too.


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    • Arren123 profile image

      Arren123 6 years ago from UK

      Thank you for sharing and you are sooooo right two little words do mean soooo much :)

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 6 years ago from Victoria BC

      Beautiful - thanks for reading.

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 6 years ago from Victoria BC

      Thank YOU. Appreciate that.

    • reikieffect profile image

      reikieffect 6 years ago

      Living in gratitude makes us value every moment we live. Thanks for sharing!