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The Journey After Weight Loss Surgery

Updated on March 6, 2018
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Catherine Worcester has been a preschool teacher and nanny for 25 years. She now writes articles on parenting and family life.

The long journey to better health begins

I decided to have weight loss surgery in November 2015 and I can honestly say that I wish I hadn't waited so long to have it done. I was very nervous at the prospect of undergoing surgery, but after my physical health was hindering my daily life, and after many visits to my doctor and the surgeon. I made the decision to go ahead.

I was 202 lbs on the day of my surgery and as of today, I am now 148 lbs and have never been in better health.

Before surgery

My heaviest and most unhealthiest time in my life

Having weight loss surgery was a great decision for me. I no longer have the worry of diabetes

The surgery I decided to have was called the gastric sleeve. Basically a large part of the stomach was removed and reduced in size to about the size of a cup. It is very drastic and ensures no over eating. The first few days were awful, I could just about manage sips of water and even that was hard to keep down, but that was necessary for hydration.

Fast forward a few weeks and after a visit to my surgeon, my weight had dropped by 25 lbs. I was ecstatic and this really gave me confidence to keep going, but feeling exhausted through lack of nutrition and thinking that I would never feel strong or ever eat anything solid was hard, but I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Three months into my journey, I finally started to feel stronger and graduated to soups and liquidated food. Believe me, this was pure heaven compared to my diet of water and protein shakes. At least this menu had taste.

Weight loss surgery is the beginning of a journey to change your lifestyle and eating habits. It certainly is not a quick and easy fix.

This is me 8 months after surgery.

The hard work continues

I have learned so many things about myself during this journey to my new long term healthier lifestyle.

My stomach can hold one cup size of food in one day. That does sound impossible, but it is manageable. I never feel the urge to over eat, believe me, I have found out the hard way. A gag reflex kicks in to let me know I have eaten enough and that is an awful feeling. Certain foods are totally off limits like soda, fried food and rice as rice expands in the stomach and does not leave enough room for other foods.

The rule of thumb when planning to eat a meal is vegetables first, then a protein then a carb if you have enough room. Gradually over time, the remaining stomach does adapt to the new eating habits.


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