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Why living things need Water?

Updated on March 13, 2015
What's the cat up to? Why?
What's the cat up to? Why?
Water is a need for all
Water is a need for all

Water is a universal need

  • One basic need that we can’t live without is water.
  • Likewise, all animals and living creatures won’t thrive without it.
  • Man has several uses for it.
  • Man and animals drink it to meet their daily needs.
  • And plants themselves sucks water through their roots in order to grow.

Animals drinking in water holes
Animals drinking in water holes

Value of water

  • Man and animals have learned the refreshing value and coolness of water so they take their bath in it to enjoy and clean their bodies besides.
  • During summer days work animals like carabaos immersed themselves in mud and water puddles to beat the scorching sun.
  • The grand feelings of sporting clean clothes, underwear, socks and having a sound asleep under washed and scented blankets are all possible because they are all washed and cleaned with water and soap at regular intervals.

Determine hydration level

  • Yes, we drink water indeed. But how many glasses of water daily does a man really needs?
  • Each person is a unique individual and differs from one another in so many aspects, so there’s no hard and fast rules as to the number of glasses of water that a person should drink.
  • Mayo Clinic recommends for a person to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day.
  • For the average male, it is roughly 3 liters or about 13 cups and for average women, it is 2.2 liters or about 9 cups.
  • But what is important is that a person must have his fill of water every day. The need of water is determined by factors such as the health of an individual, how active he is and the location of his residence.
  • If not sure of your hydration level, a good yardstick is to look at your urine. If it’s clear, you’re in good shape. If dark, you’re probably dehydrated

How water is used in the body
How water is used in the body

How our body utilizes water

  • Do we really know why we drink water?
  • Is it really enough to say we drink water just to quench thirst, without knowing why?
  • What does our body do with the water we drink?
  • Are the water simply stored in the stomach after drinking it? Where do it goes?
  • These queries seem easy but for ordinary persons they are Gordian knots, questions quite perplexing for the average Joe.
  • Nowadays facts about water and their importance to us human beings have been prepared for us for ready use.
  • Thanks to our intrepid and selfless experts and scientists who have undergo sleepless hours doing experiments and research just to discover how our body utilizes water

Babies need water
Babies need water

Percentages of water found in human bodies

Here are Dr. Jeffrey Utz of Allegheny University’s findings of the percentages of water found in a human being. He said people have different percentages of water found in their bodies:

  • Babies have about 78% at birth and drop down to 65% upon reaching one year of age.
  • About 60% of the bodies of adult men are composed of water,
  • while those of the adult women are composed of about 55%.

The brain is composed of 70% water
The brain is composed of 70% water

Distribution of water in the human body

Worth remembering is the composition in percentage of the water in the brain, lungs, lean muscle tissue, body fat, bones and blood.

USGS says:

  • the brain is composed of 70% water,
  • lungs are nearly 90% water,
  • lean muscle tissue about 75%,
  • body fat contains 10%
  • water and bone has 22% water.
  • About 83% of our blood is water.
  • Persons replace 2.4 litres of water each day through drinking and foods eaten


Fat is essential to the body

Raw Food explains how fat is used in the body:

  1. as a source of heat and energy,
  2. as padding and insulation for the organs and nerves,
  3. as a regulator for the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and
  4. as a source of the essential fatty acids.

Alveoli in the lungs, normal and damaged
Alveoli in the lungs, normal and damaged

Importance of water to the brain and lungs

  • Water facilitates the functioning of the mind and is vital for survival.
  • Optimal functioning of the brain hinges on correct hydration.
  • Intensive studies disclosed that when we're highly dehydrated, we experienced problems holding our attention focused.
  • Sending our body’s water way down to the kidneys and urinary bladder for waste elimination is one function of the lungs.
  • Urinary problems or water retention may be traced to a weak lungs.

Types of muscle tissues
Types of muscle tissues

Muscles need water

Lean muscle tissues are also vital parts of our bodily system:

  • They help the body produce force and cause motion.
  • They’re part of the muscular system that allows us to move.
  • Muscles likewise provide us strength, balance and heat.
  • Without their share of water, they can’t do their function well.

Bone marrow
Bone marrow

Function of bone marrow and water in blood

  • The bone marrow which is found inside our bones manufactures red blood cells that carry oxygen around our body.
  • Water in our blood helps control body temperature, transport waste and digest our food. It protects our joints, spinal cord and tissues. It helps our body removes waste. It greatly assists in digestion and has the magic of protecting us from dehydration.

Water is a universal solvent
Water is a universal solvent

Water is a universal solvent

Water is said to be a great universal solvent. It has an excellent ability:

  • to dissolve valuable substances that permits our cells to use chemicals, minerals and nutrients in biological process.
  • Food that are eaten into our bodies such as proteins and carbohydrates are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream.
  • The function of water to rid waste materials out of our bodies needs another mention here.

Drink enough water when needed.
Drink enough water when needed.

Drink enough clean water everyday

  • It is hoped that we’ve learned something about the functions of water in our bodies through this hub.
  • And, for us to avoid contacting diseases and maintain a healthy body and mind, it is recommended that we heed the call to drink enough, clean and purified water everyday.
  • Other liquids, such as softdrinks, protein drinks, and energy drinks are okay, but must be taken in moderation.


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Interview: Dr. Emoto discussing the magic of water


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