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man who never sleeps

Updated on December 18, 2011

The man who has never slept in his past 34 years..-Amazing human being.

You would have heard this news as the man named Thai Ngloc,a Viatnamese man who had never had a sleep in his life from 1976.Medical people and the scientists presented this as a medical miracle as they thought that he would die at1976 when he lost the ability to sleep.He once said that "My greatest aspiration is to have sleep dreams",which became a dream in his life.

Amazing life style:

Two separate investigations are on him as some people say that its a boon to keep himself eye opened for the whole 24 hours in a day,while others say that its a curse laid on him in his past world.So,to conclude what is really happening,the American and Thailand scientists set cameras to watch his day to day activities.

After the sunset,the investigators began to watch his activities.He worked tirelessly as in the daytime in his farm.To test him the took 9 objects from his house and placed them in different places and asked him to spot the objects without a beat,and that showed his incredible alertness in the whole day.


The human brain needs what is known as "REM sleep" also called as "Dream sleep".REM changes is told as the most powerful changes the human mind will undertake in its entire life time.And it is supposed to happen 1 REM cycle for every 24 hours.Without REM changes,the brain showed a decrease in cognitive performance and verbal attitude.And the lack of REM sleep is compensated by the brain by increased lethargy in the body leading to a deep sleep lasting for many hours


And yet,Ngloc brain has disappeared of the REM sleep but is functioning so perfectly reasonable and clear.He had worked tirelessly for the whole day without and side effects in his body.Since he has no sleep,he would have no bed in his house.Visitors used to sleep in mats which he used to pour liquids to keep away from the ants.


As he would not sleep for the whole day and night,he correctly sought for an night shift watch man job,which he did perfectly.

Life study:

Since,he had been an amazing study among many people,he was told to be tested and was told to travel 18months abroad to solve his problem.But,he refused to leave his home town where he had been for 60 long years.He also added that no doctors had been able to help him.Even the powerful sleep medicines had no effect on him.

He used to work at village to beat drums if any intruder enters.Yet,no villagers knew how,he can keep himself alive without having a sleep,but he silently says that,"What i want is a small half an hour nap a day".

AMAZING,Isn't it...


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