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The old age management

Updated on March 23, 2011

Be happy

Be always busy
Be always busy | Source
Enjoy old age
Enjoy old age | Source
some facts
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Follow this man Einstein
Follow this man Einstein | Source

Accept the truth of Nature

1) The nature has evolved billions of species on Earth.From single cellular to multicellular .like man,all are bound by special characteristics of nature.The birth,youth ,reproduction ,growth,old age and death areĀ  the truth of life.We all must know this and accept the old age.This age is unwanted for most of the people,they want to be young forever.But if you are prepared and planned to face the old age,it will be easy to handle.If you follow my suggestions(which some will know) your old age will not be a burden but beautiful and beneficial .The Nature is bold and beautiful,it has its own rules.Look at the birds,animals and try to learn those rules.The birds feed their chickens until they are young ,then they leave them.In the same way our children leave their parents when they are young and settle with wives.So the old aged people should think this fact of nature

2) Love your sons & daughters- grandsons love grandfathers more than their parents,and their parents love their children than their fathers.So you love your sons and daughters as well as grandsons.Love is the only bond that keep us together.Thus they may help in your old age.

3) Help your family in all matters- The nature is itself selfish,the whole living things are sailfish.So definitely your family is wanting something from you.Give them money,but not all ,help in their daily work,play with children,most of the sons are with you with your money,so keep money with you.If you are strong enough,try to do something for family

4) If quarrels & problems-It is a fact that most of the sons are not caring to their parents.They want to live with their wives and sons.So if you have problems and quarrels with them ,better you live alone and away with any paid servant, who take care of you.Otherwise old age home is better choice.Old age homes are better than quarrels and problems

5) Exercise is must in old age- In old age the body cells start dieing,the whole body structure goes to death every day.So if you don't exercise,walk or do any kind of work,your body start dieing fastly.Wake up early in the morning,walk or run slowly.start breathing practice,YOGA,some times go to forest area.You will be fit and strong .If you want to live longer life ,you must be physically and mentally fit. sound and strong mind is more important to live good life.You will live till you want to live.

6) Healthy diet ,long life- Our body is, what we eat and if you don't get proper nutrients it will start dieing.Diet deficiency is death for you.So eat fruits,vegetables ( because we are vegetarians) .Drink milk,fruit juices

7) Participate in social and religious activities- It is always good to keep your mind engaged. participate in social activities or religious activities.You will get friends among whom you will discuss your thoughts and problems too. Religious activities will give you peace of mind and happiness.After all we have to live happily and die peacefully.

...... If you follow these simple ways of life in old age,definitely your old age will be happy,peaceful,graceful and beautiful ..................................................................

suresh chopane



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      Rafick 7 years ago

      Well done. Thanks