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The positive effects of food on the skin

Updated on January 3, 2015

According to researchers, it was found that people who's diet was high in fruit and vegetables tended to have healthier looking skin, especially the increase in the red and yellow tones, compared to the meat eaters. It is said that this is due to the carotenoids, which are responsible for giving fruit it's color and pigmentation. So eating these fruits actually work on your skin too, improving the color and pigmentation, overall giving a healthy appearance.

From studies, it is said to take just four weeks of an increase of vegetables and fruit in the diet to have a noticeable effect on the beauty of the skin. Of course, this would need to be maintained.

There are many fruit / veg drinks available but it is recommended to eat the actual fruits and vegetables rather than the juice which is simply high in sugar and tends not to contain to same amount of healthy compounds.

Many people are aware of the benefits of fruit and vegetables but are too stuck in their high carbs diets, which no room left for anything else.


Seaweed mainly work well in your intestines, by cleaning out any left over waste products which otherwise can lead to an upset stomach. It also help to purify your blood stream.

The best thing about seaweed is that it improves your hair texture and skin quality if consumed regularly, like the Japanese.

Seaweed (Wakame)


Liver contains a lot of Vitamin A which is vital for the skin and it's mucous membrane protective layer which helps it maintain it's youthful appearance. It contains a lot of Vitamin B2 and also Nicotinate which helps clear up the skin from marks and blotches.


Hijiki or Hiziki is a brown is sea vegetable growing on rocky coastlines in far east Asia. Very popular in Japanese dishes.

The minerals in Hijiki, work well in the intestines, fully cleaning them of any waste and helps keeping your blood free from impurities. Also due to the iodine in Hijiki, it is good healthy hair and skin.


We have all seen pictures of women with mud face packs and cucumbers around the eyes. Well it really is effective. The properties in the cucumber really does help to hydrate the skin, and reduce wrinkles especially around the eyes which is the most noticeable area for most women.


Olive oil especially the Virgin Olive Oil is one of the best natural products for the skin. Not only does it hydrate the skin, but it keeps it shiny with a healthy glowing appearance. Massaging with olive oil is great because not only are you conditioning the skin, but you are eliminating muscle fatigue at the same time.

It is also recommend for hair when rinsing the shampoo out. Just a few drops will bring out the sine and gloss in your hair.


Shiitake are edible mushroom found in Asia and very popular in Japanese dishes. It has a few benefits.

  • It is effective for people with anemia
  • The Vitamin B1 is a good cure for constipation and blood circulation
  • It helps repair the skin from rashes (and eczema).


Uni is sea urchin which again is a popular Japanese dish but not very popular for foreigners in Japan. They are rich in vitamin A which is good for the skins metabolism and keeps it, most. Especially in the dry seasons like the winter.


Pears, especially Japanese pears are know to have properties which improve the skin texture. Good for the winter when the air is dry in most countries.


Natto is bascially fermented soya beans and not very common amongst foreigners outside Japan due to its sticky texture and the smell which many can describe as sticking feet. However the benefits are very good. It contains a lot of vegetable fat, protein and essential minerals to keep the skin shiny and healthy. It also contains vitamin B2 which is important for the skin.

Sticky Natto


First of all tomatoes assist by naturally hydratig the skin helping it stay moist. The citric acid and malic acid works with the vitamkn A and C increasing the metabolism of the skin keeping it healhy. Due to its content of vitamin B6, washing your face with products containing tomato juice promotes cleanliness and beauty. It also helps with various skin diseases and diabetes.


Some of the proteins contained in Avocado are methionine which is an essential for strengthening your metabolism. Avocados also contain B2 and B6 which is also good for a healthy metabolism.

The Vitamin E helps to prevent ageing and skin sagging is consumed regularly. The fatty acids are also a plus to the skins health and won't make you put on weight. Avocados are recommended to eat in the morning at the start of your day for the best results.


Peanuts contain a lot Vitamin B1 which is good for the carbohydrate metabolism. A better and more efficient metabolism means that it is harder for the body to gain weight. Also it is good for your skins gloss and blood circulation.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan

      Thank you very much.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 3 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I love avocados and peanuts. Enjoyed this interesting hub and voted up and will share!

    • profile image

      Ferguson 3 years ago

      Japanese food is very healthy I heard and definitely has it's benefits for the skin.