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What the book The Secret talks about

Updated on May 21, 2013

The Secret

For Australian Rhonda Byrne, author of the DVD and book The Secret self-help, which sold a combined 8 million units worldwide, any of these desires is incredibly at hand or, to be more precise, the mind . The only tool needed to grab it would be wishful thinking. Nothing more.

It is not a new idea. Since the late nineteenth century, authors of currents that unite philosophy and religion have the concept that positive thinking can radically change the lives of those who practice it. Byrne herself, while developmenting her work, was inspired by a book of the early twentieth century, The Science of Getting Rich, 1910, written by Wallace D. Wattles, a work that teaches how to make money through the mentoring of good things.

The Secret is back in style belief in the power of positive thinking. The book attracted a crowd of followers. Has over 12,000 fans, many of them attributed to the teachings of the DVD / book acquisitions of assets such as land, houses and even meet the perfect match.

But how exactly positive thinking work and how it would affect the day-by-day of someone? Byrne explains that the secret of life would be the Law of Attraction. According to her, the entire universe (including humans) would be formed by energy and, consequently, everything and everyone would be directly connected by energy channels.

There would be kind of negative and positive energy. Our thoughts were like magnets and have a specific frequency. Thus, when a person thinks, it sends a magnetic wave to the universe and attracts the energies that are at the same frequency. If the thought is positive, attract good things. If negative, attract bad things.

If your desire, therefore, is to possess ten thousand dollars in the bank, just imagine that this value is already in your account and feel good about it, having, as the masters of The Secret call, an unshakable faith that the money will be there. Changing the frequency of his thought, the universe will do the rest.

As a natural law, the cosmos to rearrange your request is treated in some way. It seems unlikely? Some millions of people have tried in practice. Many swear that it works.

Use the Power of your mind easily

There are three steps to getting what you want, according to Rhonda Byrne. The first is to ask the universe aloud. By doing this, you can have clarity about what you want. The second step is to believe that you already have what you asked for. That way, you change your energy and let the Law of Attraction acts: the universe promotes events and situations that your desire to be done. The last step is to receive: try to project emotion and feelings when you win the object of desire, in order to put themselves in a favorable rate.


Make a list of everything by which you think you should be thankful. This helps to shift your energy and your way of thinking. Instead, for example, to see the bad qualities of a particular person with whom you relate, try to see your positive traits. It is one of the main exercises taught by the masters of The Secret.


A very useful item in getting what you want is the "preview pane". It is a framework in which sticks photographs and notes. Attach pictures of him someone you want to conquer, pictures of the car you want to win or dream home. Imagine that these items are already your design and the feeling of receiving them.

Attract only good

As positive thoughts have the power to attract good things, negative thoughts have the power to attract bad things. When you think systematically, for example, you do not want something bad to happen, the universe interprets this message as "I want something bad to happen." Are negative thoughts. Think, instead, in a message such as "I want something good to happen." That way, you will be attracting positive energies of the universe.


We have thousands of thoughts every day. Therefore, to monitor that they are all positive seems an overwhelming task, if not impossible. The simplest way to know if you are having a negative thought is to realize your mood, your feelings. If you're feeling good, it means that your thoughts are positive. There are elements called modifiers in The Secret: music, happy memories, pets. They are able to change your feelings instantly.

Start small

To test the techniques of The Secret, start with something small, like a bullet. Focus your attention and thoughts on getting a bullet. Think of the sense of taste it and happy to receive it. When testing the possibilities of The Secret, you prepare to achieve greater things


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