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The Pursuit of Self

Updated on September 12, 2017
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I have seen a lot in my lifetime and I want to try and help as many people as I can before I leave this earth.


The Facade and What it Means to Me Pt1

Many people like to play a role when it comes to their everyday life, they put on these masks to try to hide the real them so that people can't tell what is really going on with them or their world. Even I do this from time to time and I have correct myself and take off the mask and let people see what is going on with me, because if they don't know then they can't or won't help. When we hold up the facade, because we think that we can fix what ever is going on by ourselves even though we don't really understand ourselves what is really going on. This mask is our shield from all prying eyes that are ready to judge us on the way we work and handle most everyday situations.

The Facade and What it Means to Me Pt 2

I could tell you a story about a person who let their facade become their norm and how that hurt them in the end, but not everyone is the same so leaving up a facade may not hurt everyone who does it. I can only tell you about my personal experiences and how I can to the realization that wearing a mask did not help me in any way. I have so many anxieties about showing people the real me and them turning their backs on me, but I know that I have to get over this and just put myself out there and hope for the best. I have been dealing with this for as long as I can remember, it's a daily thing that I have to tell myself that it's OK to let the real me out and be free to live the way I want. This is why I want to help people come out of their shells because it helps me to come out of mine and take one step closer to be truly the person that I want to be.

The Facade and What it Means to Me Pt3

It is so easy to let yourself be who you want, all you need to do is stop caring what others think of you; when you are free of weight of others judgments and perceptions of you then you will be truly free. Letting go of the pressures of being everything to everyone is not as easy as it seems, but once you do this you will feel ten times better about yourself. I can only tell you my opinion and that is something you can take or leave; at the end of the day it is up to you to do what you feel is right for you and your situation.

Taking down the facade

  1. Writing in a journal is therapeutic and help you to not feel like you need to put up this front to hide what is going on in your personal life. try to write your feeling so that you can get them out of your head, this is something that you can share with other people.
  2. Getting together with people who feel the same way you do is a good way to find people to lean on when times get tough and you feel like things are crumbling around you. Try to join or start a support group, this will help you to find friends who are going through that same thing you are and can help you get through what ever it is.
  3. It's OK to admit when you need to take a little break from life, if life is becoming too much for you, you can just walk away from things and find a nice quiet place to rest and recharge. Go on leave from work and get away from your house for a little while, going on an extended vacation is always fun and can help you clear your mind and comeback refreshed and renewed.
  4. Seeking professional help is not a bad thing, this is something that a lot of people are afraid of because they think that if they need to see a professional then they are somehow weak. Look into finding a professional who can help you figure out what is going on inside your head and help you find a solution to help fix the problems that you may have.

How Would You Feel

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Rise Up

Be You Forget the Rest Pt 1

People are going to think what ever they want about you and the world and if you let that get to you then you are in serious need of a reality check; most of those people are going through the same thing you are. These people need to know that there's this little thing called minding your own business; all it takes you telling these people to back up and back off and guess what, they will. When you have had enough you will learn real quick when to say shut up and go away; it always takes people the hard way to learn where there limit is and when they want to get out of a bad situation. I see this all the time, people with too much time on their hands who feel that it is their duty to stick their nose in something that has nothing to do with them. They act all hurt when someone tells them where to go and how to get there; I wish more people would stand up and tell these people this stuff all the time, stay out of things that don't concern you.

Be You Forget The Rest Pt 2

There are so many things in this world that I have a hard time understanding and one of them is judgmental people getting way too passionate about things that don't concern them. I just don't get why someone would feel that it's there right or business to tell someone else how they are supposed to live; when did people become so concerned with others, who they would not give a second look at in any other circumstance. This is getting out of hand or has gotten out of hand for some time now; family turning against family is what causes people to do things that they would be spared from doing otherwise. The real sad part is that they don't care about any of this until someone goes a step too far and does something that they can't come back from. This only causes the assailant to play the victim and try to get sympathy from the people around them even though they are the reason for the situation.

Be You Forget The Rest Pt3

Everything can change if people gave up the energy and time they spent thinking about what others think of them; this is something that takes up way to much of people's time and forces them to act in a certain way. It's not as simple as people may think, all they have to do is live their life the way they want to and when someone tells them that it's not right, just ignore them or tell them to mind their own business. The hard part of all this is being brave enough to stand up to the ones who are trying to hold you down and make you feel small; they are the one who are doing this out of fear and ignorance. Once you get the confidence to go out in to the world living your truth, the rest of world and what they have to say won't matter to you because you will be too focused on yourself. All I want to say is that it shouldn't matter what other people think because at the end of the day you have to live in your skin and they are not going pick you up when you fall down.


© 2017 Brittney Mckinney


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