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The reason to live

Updated on July 27, 2013

Have you ever had a thought about ending your life, having no reason to continue it or are just convinced that people are not suppose to live too long due to overpopulation?

Life and death seem to always go hand in hand. Still some people live as if death is an abstract, not real. In the eyes of terrifying sickness often people start appreciate each day as if granted them, one more day. Then they start actually to live more fully, finishing, organizing, travelling and doing all they always wanted to do in life but thought there will be time for that.

I would say that if you don’t want to live further you are probably already dead, disconnected from life, Self and your own personal purpose why you are alive. As in nature everything has a perfect order, I believe there is no mistake why you are here.

Is that really so long these couple years on earth? Comparing us to life of planets, stars we are here just for a moment, not enough to learn, comprehend all the mysteries of universe, gain experience to act, be better and understand even Self.

Where do you think you will go after death? One of my friends once said to me:

“I am so detached from life, I really don’t mind to stop. Is not that I will commit a suicide, but I wish I stop existing. What if after this life there is another one? And I don’t want any at all. Just non existence…”

Some people think that death is the end, but have you ever considered that perhaps indeed it is truth what some ancient text of India are telling: you will come back to finish unfinished business and not only start all over again but you won’t remember what you didn’t finish.

Perhaps it is truth that death after all is not anymore so natural passage between our world and other dimensions we don’t usually have access to and it may be that we will be just stuck in another dimension?

It could be also the truth that you have just another experience here and will leave to have a new one and all will be good.

However what do you believe in? Can you check what you believe in? Do you know enough? Probably not. Then I would go another direction asking you what death is for you? So many times in life happens that we are so convinced we want something till the moment we receive it.

“I always wanted to be a lawyer. Now I am and guess what? I hate it! In fact it wasn’t even my dream, my idea!”

“I always wanted to have a house. Now I am paying more than is worth it.”

“I thought that when I retire I will have more time for myself and ability to travel the world. Now it turned out I won’t have money to live from month to month.”

While on earth you can still change some of your decision, once passing death you won’t be able to come back. At least not immediately… From this journey you won’t come back to see your family, relatives, friends, beloved once again. You may come back another time, in another time space, but not the one you were settled in once. So do you really want that?

If death is a passage for you and you have slight idea, experienced at least some glimpses what awaits you there, where possibly you may go, then great, make yourself ready for it. However if your reason is overpopulation, I would say it is not enough. Then I would dig deeper what is real motivation of your soul and if you really wish what you said. Maybe it is something else, but you don’t know yet how to express it.

Perhaps you seek to be happy and you think in current body it is too late for you, but knowing that will make you at least more conscious while making a decision to not regret it later. Then dig deeper, if you are indeed unhappy, what is the reason? Maybe you were acting incongruently in your life to your needs? Do you even know your needs? Were you devoting your life to somebody else, feeling quilt if you won’t? If you sacrifice your Self, then how your Self can be happy? And another won’t understand, won’t even know or recognize that. After all nobody wants anybody to sacrifice own life. That can put a great deal of quilt on somebody you sacrificed yourself to. Still if you do something for somebody from another motivation such as love, willingness to offer, that won’t be sacrifice. First of all you will feel good about doing it, you will do it with pleasure and felt rewarded in act of doing it.

So what’s behind your wish to die?


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