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The remembering of childhood days in the old age

Updated on May 9, 2015

Old friends


Two friends in school days


I have not attended to your funeral ceremony

My dear friend

My best friend

Now where are you

You are in more distance

He is No in our country...

He is No in our world...

I like you

I love you

He passed away

I received a bad news yesterday, from his son

My friend breathed last

Now no his father in the world

Now his father in heaven

He is my best friend from the childhood

He and I played many games in the evening

We were classmates

We played football

We swam in a large channel

We were good friends, no cunning

We were true friends

Our friendship was great

We spend the time on holidays, picnic in the park

We have very interesting, to seeing on the river side of nature

He has given me fruits

He has given me some food in lunch time...

in the school...

I have given a pen to him for the celebration of his birthday,

at the fourteenth year

Even today that the pen had him

He presented me a book, at my fifteenth birthday

It is a good moral book

Even today it is on my table

My father was economically poor

His father was rich

He helped me many times, in purchasing books, and fees admitted

We were very interesting in reading, and playing

We were continuing the friendship from nursery to college

My father died, whole family depends on me

My financial position was not good

So, I have been stopped education, after degree college

He continued postgraduate education

I got a good job in South India

He went to Mumbai for a business

We divided as two ways

I have been retired from the job

I am in the old

I have not met him

We talked only through cell phones

Sorry! O my friend

I have not attended to your funeral ceremony

I am too weak

I can not walk

I am remembering you

God help you


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    • 10000001 profile image

      madugundu krishna 2 years ago from Yemmiganur

      thank you sir

    • escribidor profile image

      Manuel Cárdenas 2 years ago from Bogotá, Colombia

      Youre nice. I like it!