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The lonely road to success

Updated on September 1, 2013

It gets lonely doesn't it?

It’s a blessing to have someone who believes in you. Who is that special someone who is willing to stand by your side and support your dream no matter how crazy, wild, farfetched it may be? Having a special person in your life to support you makes everything better just because they are who they are. It feels like those who are willing to get off the beaten path are the ones who walk alone. People see us as weird or strange, but the truth is that they just don’t understand us and are not even willing to understand us. Instead they just dismiss us and move on without a second thought. I’ve been in countless relationships where the moment I told my girlfriend about my dream and how I plan to go about it, she becomes distance. Let me feel you in real quick what my dream is: I want to become an entrepreneur; I chose to start off with freelance writing, because I love to write and I have a lot of things on my mind. I plan to branch out into other revenues of business later on. Now if you think my dream is not achievable that’s your opinion, but I have the utmost faith in myself. I just got out of a relationship that had it's problems, but what relationship doesn't, but I thought it was going pretty well until I began share with her my dreams, then things began to change. Even though we know a lot about each other I was starting to feel like I going alone. Funny story; ,when I told the one girl who I thought understood me what my goal was the next day she forgot; what makes this so funny is that she got good memory (she can recall anything I say to her), so what change overnight? Most people like us who have dreams that require us to do more than average person are often by ourselves. I have plenty of friends both male and females who have big dreams and they too are alone. I have this one friend in particular who was trying to be a model (she got the potential by the way) she was so excited about it; I remember she would tell me about how she was having so much fun with it, but long story short she got a boyfriend and she stop her pursuit as a model. I read somewhere that some people are willing to give up their dream just to have someone in their life. When I read that I all I could say is “not me”. Why can’t I have both? Some people will give up on their dream and make some bogus excuse on why they couldn't achieve it. Let me ask you this a question, In the long run would you be OK with giving up on your dream? You don't want to look back on your life and realize who you could have been do you? Whether you’re trying to be a musician, producer, actor, writer, model, or entrepreneur some of us will find ourselves by ourselves for a good minute. That mean we spend countless birthdays, Christmases, New Year’s eves, Valentines days and other holidays without someone special to share it with (but hey this is the life we chose). I understand that our dreams require us to spend a lot of time to work our craft, but at the end of the day we want to have that special someone in our corner that understands and supports us. We want someone special in our lives so that we can have someone to celebrate our success with (other than our family). We try to put some time to the side for them, but in my case I guess the time that I put aside for them isn’t enough. In this day and age people are just looking for securities I guess, which is why people like us sometimes find ourselves alone. Don’t let this discourage you, but motivate you if you feel that your dream is what you were meant to do. I accept the life I chose and that won’t change. I feel so close to my dream I just got to hold strong a little while longer. Even though it would be nice to have that special person in your life that was willing to stand by your side and comfort you when things got bad. If you don't have that special someone, you still have your family and friends who will stand by you and support your dreams, because if there anyone who got your back it was them. Your day is coming for you to show those who dismissed you and your dream what you are capable of as long as you keep your head up.

Do you have a special someone in your life that supports your dream?

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    • profile image

      Unknown 4 years ago

      It's funny.... Same is happening with me and my gf

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Sometimes you have to go it alone, but it will all be worth it in the end.

    • Poshbytori profile image

      POSH by tori boutique 4 years ago from 1545 Union Lake Road, Commerce, MI, 48382

      You're 100% right. Your title says it all.