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The secret behind positive thinking

Updated on June 9, 2013

Your thoughts

Think about the day-by-day things that normally happen. They are in accordance with the plans you made?Are? It may not, especially if you are thinking of the past. How do you change what has already happened?

Learn from the past and reflect for mistakes. But living it is not healthy. Cling to things past is the best way to let life pass. This is what matters. Think of what will from now on.

Want a twist? Attract what you want? According to a new current working with 'desires', you can have anything you want as long as they are good thoughts in your mind.

The law says, if you do not like the life you lead, change the way you think. Energy follows thought. Revise beliefs and ideas. If looking for a job thinking, 'I can not', you download a decree, and the desired life obeys not come. Our thoughts attract what we think.


Good thoughts can increase life expectancy. Positive thinking helps achieve goals and take the mind everything that is harmful to physical and mental health. We must think positively to have a happier and more balanced. Every careful thought is needed.

It is he who builds the personality, character, and leads to life. The benefits of positive thinking have been proven even by scientists at Yale University in the United States. In the survey coordinated by the researcher Becca Levy found that positive thinking can extend life expectancy by up to four years.

The result was based on the aging of a group of 660 volunteers. The research was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

How to practice the positive thinking?

The conditioning of the brain and the benefits of positive thinking. The way to have good thoughts is feeling good things and leave the rational side the bad. You must occupy the mind with strong feelings and emotions.

To gain control of it is necessary to view, create pictures in your mind with good things. Thinking positively was the terminology found to chat with the reader. But do not be fooled if you find the explanatory words like faith, willpower, or practice the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction?

Stop worrying. Although the term sounds again in his vocabulary, his action was always present. The principle of law is thinking. Everything we think, good or bad, is working to attain.

"The Law of the universe, the attraction does favors for anyone. If you have negative vibes the universe will deliver what they asked for, and if you send positive vibes it also will deliver.

The Secret Put into Practice

The Law of Attraction became world famous with the release of the movie The Secret, produced by Rhonda Byrne, inspired by the book of the same title and author. The publication contains an overview of research conducted by the Australian show that since ancient times, the application of the secret. According to the author, personalities like Democritus, Einstein, Churchill, Martin Luther King and Henry Ford knew and made use of the secret. During the movie and book are placed known phrases and these historical characters, and interviews with experts.

In The Secret, the author teaches how to apply the new, which is nothing but the use of the Law of Attraction. In situations assembled is shown how the characters get what they want.
But blindly believe in the benefits of the law and the power of positive thinking, you cannot bring the desired result and harm. You should exercise caution and focus on what you really want.

Positive thinking can become even dangerous, they often think of something and at the same time, we create mental pictures of the opposite situation. When there is a conflict between what we think and mindsets, they win.

We should be careful when thinking about what you want. The mind can betray us, generating images and feelings different than desired. When this happens, thinking otherwise is likely to win. The path of the thought to get success should follow three steps to the law of attraction, power of positive thinking or acting.

First, ask. Visualize in your mind the object of desire. Second, believe me. Trust what you asked for, imagine the request being met, feel it. Third and last, receive. If you have gone through the two steps correctly, you will receive what you ordered.

Their desires and actions are born first in mind. If you want things to happen in a different way, in your life, need to think a certain way, what we want to feel and act in accordance with such thoughts and emotions.

It may sound simple, but for skeptics and experts, and we cannot control everything we think, would be room we sit thinking and hoping good things come to us. That's where personal effort.

Not so easy to have everything we desire. Before we perform our wills is necessary to have discipline. First of all, identify what you want. Give attention to desire and get rid of any doubt that will achieve the goal. This last step is the hardest. But do not give up! The commitment is fundamental in the process.

The benefits of good humor and positive thinking have been fundamental to the work.
"Many companies in Australia, Canada and USA are using the Law of Attraction. Most for getting rid of negativity in the workplace.'re Using the law to attract the 'personal' ideal, the ideal client, ideal opportunities. They can use The Law of Attraction to attract what they want, "says Losier.

Imagine if every day your boss or employee reaches the service frowned. Who wants to be near that person for eight, twelve hours. Nobody can stand. The chances of that person to treat you badly and have a low rate of productivity are high. In contrast, those who are good-natured and good thoughts are working well together, produce more and quality, and be free of diseases such as infection.

This is nothing new and everyone has heard. Now, the research also gives the nod. According to a study by assistant professor Adam Anderson of the University of Toronto in Canada, the mood is a springboard for creativity. The survey was conducted with 24 college students during tests and showed that when people are in a good mood, tend to have a filter rather comprehensive, stimulating a type of global thinking or intuitive. While the filter ample help in the game word association because it takes into account a lot of information.

If you have good thoughts and the good humor brings so many benefits, no getting around thinking bad things! Experts say that! According to psychiatrist Paul Gaudencio is crucial to have dreams and courage to follow them. For him, every man has a dream and can do two things with it. First, in a bold stance sketching a design and put it into practice. If successful conquer the dream. Second, in a cowardly realize it only in fantasy. In this field there is no success or failure and frustration will be eternal.


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