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The silent disease

Updated on February 26, 2015
The silent disease
The silent disease

Lately there have been so many blogs, articles, postings, comments and breaking news on suicide. (Including this one I'm writing) Does it really take a person to end their life in order for the world to recognize the severity of DEPRESSION?

No disrespect towards any celebrity. It seems if you're not a celebrity who has been battling the disease it won't be recognized. Society & the world should become more diligent on trying to find a cure for this disease while it's happening when the person is alive. Let's face it people in all reality in a few months from now the world will NOT be talking about suicide, depression, anxiety, bipolar unless someone famous is or seriously commits murders. (Medications are just a "Pause" in controlling the inevitable; this is my opinion)

If we as human beings, a society take the initiative to understand & inform as many people as we can about the disease. We would know what to look out for & possibly help someone who suffers in silence. Depression is a silent disease. You never know who is or has been suffering from it. It masks itself in a person who seems energetic & smiling daily. Depression doesn't choose either gender, age limit, it does not discriminate, it can attack anyone.

A number of medical professions will describe symptoms like a dictionary does for a word. When a person who has the disease CAN go into complete detail of what a symptom actually is; the world will perhaps have a different understanding of this disease. One must open their eyes to what doesn't want to be seen. It's more than fatigue, chronic pain, a chemical imbalance in the brain. It's a debilitating disease that attacks your soul, your will to live & fight everyday simply to survive. All the emotional distress one goes through does have a physical impact on the body. The world only needs to understand that it's more than just what the "medical definition" explains it to be.

There are numerous emotional descriptions; one can explain on those thoughts that run through a person’s mind however some will still see it other ways. It's NOT a "cop out", it’s NOT a cry for attention, and it’s NOT a game. It's a DISEASE that is NOT emotionally understood unless you suffer from it, are a suicide survivor or a family member who has seen depression in its full effect. Do not be quick to judge a person when they are in a distraught phase, they just maybe trying to reach out. Do not be afraid. HELP that person by simply listening to them, comforting them it may not seem like much that you're doing but having someone be there can be a GREAT moment for them.

Stop and take a moment to ask everyone you love & anyone you don't know "How are you?" Let them know how much they mean to you, how much you care with them in the world we live in. One never knows who is suffering with this disease. It can be your neighbor, your co-worker, a family member, a friend, a spouse; even a writer......


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