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Things are getting ghostly

Updated on October 9, 2014

The candle light dims

The bones gathered on the cold dreary brick floor
And the candle light dims
The water drips from the flickering light
And the candle light dims
The thick fog like mist danced upon the beds of the died
The moon glows over the rest in peace displayed on the many cemented stones
And the candle light dims


pitch black dark room

In a pitch black room
Filled with sorrow and gloom
Desperate to find light
In a room all alone
Legs cuddles under my shirt
But the darkness never hurt
Fiddling around looking for light
Feeling the candles rim
In the deep dark dim
And the light dances on the candle
Dancing with such beauty
Dancing with such rebellion
as if to be singing a song that would last years
Yet so fragile
So quickly gone
So hard to handle
And the smoke of lilac dances with the pitch black darkness

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Darkness fall upon the sky

Darkness fall upon the sky
The fire burns deep down inside
The moon rises
Fill the sky with ghostly despair
The smell of passion in the air
As my hair reaches its peak
On my toes
The air freezes my wet nose
The claws grows from my hand and toes
Ripping my shoes
And clothes
As fur out grows my clothes
Then my nose grows
My whisker extend
My eyes as mellow
As the light yellow of the moon
The moon rises
The fire burns deep down inside
Darkness fall upon the sky



She tucked her son into his bed
Let a melody dance in his head
Handing him his teddy bear
Kiss his forehead with tender loving care
She stand up
And reaches for the light
His face fills with fright
Mommy its scary at night
The room gets dark
And from the very start
Of you closing that door the
Monster in my closet peaks its head
The mother smiled and walked to his bed
Honey the darkness is your friend
The darkness is despair
Darkness is betrayal
Darkness is hell
But it make you aware
A lesson given isn't a learned
Wisdom given doesn't mean wisdom heard
Experiment and experience the very thing that scares you the most
Because those moments that you achieve
It makes you believe anything is possible those moment that fail creates a man
Those are the moments I figure out who I am?
Never be afraid to be alone
I'm here if you want to come home
But then you will have to move on
The battle won alone is a battle indeed
You were raised a warrior
Win them for me
If that monster ever comes let the battle begin
Knowledge is darkness
It is your friend


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    • SilentMagenta profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you. I Love halloween.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      oooh Halloween...eerie stuff. A good read Magenta.


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