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The success of creativity

Updated on May 18, 2013

No creativity accepted

Some time ago, they used to treat people with creative reserve, distrust and often even some contempt. By refusing to follow the customs or not to accept the situation as it stood, they became too challenging and ended up being discarded like pieces that were dangerously out of a more conventional pattern.

Some, however, did not give up their ideas - and the story ended up proving how much some of these geniuses that haunted look for new findings were correct and his obstinacy. So, in the end, the posterity has to honor them.

Creative people

A good example is the civil servant who worked areas of patent and, in 1900, began to occupy his spare time researching, individually and in love, the nature of light, time and space.

While arguing with large physical rather minor issues, this quiet and committed staff ended up writing a series of innovative studies disturbingly about speed and matter. Until his work become recognized by the scientific community of the time, it was impossible to say whether his ideas were simply atypical or truly important. Posterity undertook to evaluate them. The name of this public official was Albert Einstein.

This obstinacy with innovation is a point in which creativity at its purest just merged with the virtues that make great professional throughout a large enterprise: without commitment, dedication, passion and even some admirable impermeability to the whims of public opinion, they wouldn't have achieved what was accomplished, and with the same obsession with high achievers, all they achieved was thanks to his work.

Over time, however, this concept eventually became, as it was proved that it is essential to make room for the creative minds to showcase their potential to contribute to any development.

Creativity X Business

No one doubts that the likely reason that led several major American corporations emerged in the 50s to disappear was the little attention given to innovation.

Another important factor in this context is also realize that creativity is a natural gift, but it often lacks maturity.

Today, many companies claim to be cradles of creativity - and for not having the courage to invest in their convictions, just overestimating in practice, conventional employees. And indeed this, addiction, marginalizing - or even dismissing - the most unique temperament, rightfully consider them a source of constant conflict generating.

Our creative capacity depends directly on how we relate to our work. When this connection is strong and passionate ideas flourish naturally accompanied by a great impulse to practical realization.

How creativity has no limits, it is often thanks to his passion for performing that many people stand out - and rightfully seek the extraordinary. They are professionals who do not have to reverse the natural order of everything not to risk it and try what has never been done before.

Work on your Creativity

Often, the big idea is not to get something new. In many cases, intelligence creative talents resulted in recovering habits and processes whereas, refreshed, show themselves extremely effective.

This is one of the reasons that make it very healthy to learn from the failures and successes of our predecessors: There are numerous examples in which the ability to discover the simplest eventually became big news. Less is more? The simple can also be essential.

For all that time never miss: cultivate curiosity in all stages of your life and apply them in areas where you have no interest, although apparently free.

This is one of the best features of those who are young, regardless of age. And no big business can afford to lose your youth, vigor and freshness at work always renewed their ideas and projects.



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