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The Surprising Truth About Burning Fat

Updated on August 6, 2011

It’s almost like deciphering a conspiracy to get the truth

The truth is that professionals have been using the same fat burning principles for decades. It’s not new to them and I’ll share them with you in a moment. Just remember that these are mostly just ‘industry secrets’. It’s not surprising that we’ve been kept in the dark at all costs…

Plus with all the confusion going on in the mainstream about what works, what matters, what’s silly, what’s harmful…etc most people, like me, have a hard time sifting through and finding out what’s what.

Marketers make white lies and false implications to make a billion dollars. If you go on and ask a question everyone starts to disagree with each other and the conversations sometimes get heated. It’s like, what the hell are we supposed to do to get this stubborn fat off?!

I was close to just giving up. I started to get so fed up with trying new things that it got to the point where I would just think “I’ll just have to be happy with the way I am and die this way”.

Luckily for me I’m not one to give up that fast.

I pushed hard I made a discovery that turned my world into a vortex of hardcore shredded results. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but that sounds cool anyway.

In reality, I simply started to find out what professional bodybuilders, who already have success, are doing. These guys don’t really care about what the mainstream says. They only care about one thing… RESULTS.

I thought, “these are my kind of people!” so I started to really read books from certain bodybuilders who I admire and not from armchair experts who have phd’s and all kinds of theory knowledge. Perfect examples of these people are like the dude that made the atkins diet or who wrote “The Zone”.

Anyways, I realized that these bodybuilders are exploiting a pretty simple insight.

In a nutshell, these people are simply supercharging their metabolisms through principles of natural human physiology. Obviously, the results will vary from person to person based on their genetics, but the principles are all the same.

It’s your metabolism that, if is slow, will burn fewer calories, and when fast, will burn more calories. They’ve learned to speed up their metabolisms so fast that they are simply a calorie burning furnace while they eat, sleep, poop, chill in the hot tub, walk along the beach with a margarita in hand while people stare for miles around. And it’s pretty easy to do.

The second thing they do is make sure they maintain themselves at a comfortable level of fat. Instead of being at 3.5% body fat… having that RIPPED look 365 days per year… they cycle their regimens to only “peak” at 3.5% before photo shoots or competitions.

So there you have it. It’s all about your metabolism. Learn to super charge this the way the pro’s do and you’ll be able to maintain an average healthy look pretty easily… or you can use it to pack on lots of mass without getting flabby… Or you can chisel your abs down and get that ripped look every man envies. The same principles apply.

If you’re curious to learn more about exactly how to burn fat by accelerating your metabolism and using the tools the bodybuilders and fitness models use you can go to Explaining all of that here would take way to long anyways.


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