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The truth about arthritis

Updated on August 15, 2009

The truth about arthritis

We are very much familiar with the syptoms of early morning stiffness, mildly swollen joints and joint pain. Osteo arthritis is becoming the most commen degenerative disease today. Effecting men and women alike .It can involve every joint in the body.

Damage of Cartilage

Cartilage act as a cushion between the bones. cartilages is primarly made up of collagen fibers, glyco protiens and progly cans. Our body need to build cartilage at the same rate as its wearing down. You may have heared some one in your friend cirlcle saying that he needs to have a joint replaced. What he is really saying is that the cushion (cartilage) of his joint is entirely gone.Osteo arthritis is an inflammatoiry disease is a well known fact. Have you ever think what exatly is causing the inflammation and how this lead to the damage of cartilage?

Cause of inflammation in joints

Degeneration of cytokines are considered a main cause of inflammation in the joints. Cytokines are proteins that carry informations between cells and regulate immunity and inflammation. Two of the most importent cytokines TNF-a and IL-1B are highly concentrated in the joints who have osteo arthritis. proteases enzymes that cause the breake down of proteins also cause inflammations in the joints. proteases have both anti inflammatory and pro inflammatory qualities, in arthritis pro inflammatory nature of proteases becomes dominant.

Oxidative stress and inflammation

The pressure that created by our weight while we are using our joints blocks the blood flow to the cartilage. this is called as ischemia or lack of blood. when we take of the weight of the joints then the pressure lessence and blood is allowed to return to the cartilage thsi is called reperfusion. this process of ischemia and reperfusion cause exessive productionof free radicals .the oxiidative stress with in joints cause damage to the cartilage and synovial lining of the joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disease This occurs when our immune system begins attacking the cartilage and synovial lining of the joint.this results in a unbalanced inflammatory process .This inflammattory procees create exessive free radicals , this is causing damage to joints.


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