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The truth about chronic diseases

Updated on August 12, 2009

The Truth Behind Cardiovascular Disease

Doctors always say that it is cholesterol that creating all the according to them what we all need to do is to contorll our cholesterol levels..but there is one thing we need to remember, during 70's doctors considered any cholesterol levels less than 320 as normal..doctors used to say to their patients who had a cholesterol level of 280 to 310 not to worry because their cholesterol levels were normal.. and today a cholesterol levels greater than 200 is condidered abnormal and a cholesterol level greater than 230 place patients at a high risk of developing a heart attack.. today doctors are saying that LDL cholesterol is really bad.. but we need to think our ancisters lived with greater levels of cholesterol..they had less cardio vascular diseases compared to what we have today..then where is the real problem.. the real fact is that LDL cholesterol is really not that bad, the kind of LDL cholesterol that the body originally creats is gud and it is essential for building good cell membranes , other cell parts and many different hormons that our body need. we could not live with out it in fact if we dont get enough from our diet our bodies will actually makes this form of cholesterol. The truth is that we do not need to worry about the native LDL cholesterol.. in its native form its harmelss..then where is the danger ?


the next question is how LDL cholesterol get oxidised??

Have you ever heared about some thing called free radicals or reactive oxygen species?? it is free radicals that making LDL cholesterol dangerous..the problem begins when LDL cholesterol reacts with free radicals. After recting with free radicals the LDL cholesterol it self shows the nature of free radicals, they attack every thing that comes in its causes inflammations in the lining of the arteries these infalmmations are the real cause of a cardio vascular disease.

So the point is there nothing to worry about the graeater levels of LDL cholesterol if it is not geting oxidized..and what we really need to do is not to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels but to eliminate the conditions in our body that makes the oxidization of LDL cholesterol. We need to reduce the production of free radicals in our body and we need to nutrilise the free radicals in our body by supplying antioxidents..this is what our body really expecting us to do


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