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The two faces of alcohol

Updated on December 5, 2011
Drink moderately.
Drink moderately. | Source

If you don't drink moderately but heavily, you lose all benefits.

Ancient Greeks have saying about moderate drinking being healthy or heavy drinking leading to bad or fatal end. They used to drink diluted wine with water and drinking pure wine was a sign of alcoholism.

If we are to bring ancient Greek wisdom at present days, we will see one thing.

Nothing changed!

We still use drinking as excuse for

  • "I am tired / angry"
  • "I am in a bad mood"
  • "My boyfriend left me"
  • etc.

Even doctors that used to tell us to drink with moderation are now content with this habit. (: Do you know that in some countries, your doctor gets additional money if he makes you quit drinking :) ?

The real problem is, that it is hard to drink with moderation for most of the people. There are few factors that decide how much a person can drink before getting drunk as age, sex, weight and some genetics. This should not be a reason to drink as much as you can.

I can't tell you not to drink when depressed or tired. Just don't drown yourself in the bottle.

According to researches done wordlwide and with the general population, it is healthy to drink moderately, but the catch is the moderation:

  • 1 glass of wine for females or
  • 2 glasses of wine for males.


  • 1 small beer for the girls or
  • 1 pint for the boys


Drinking this "much" will help your heart and your vessels to stay healthy and ellastic. Polyphenols in red wine are said to also lower the "bad" LDL Cholesterol. (White wine has 8 times lower quantities of Polyphenols). Second to the wine is the beer, which is a good for the general metabolism.


Drinking more is bad for the liver and is not good for focus and concentration. Can also lead to bad traffic accidents because of the slower reactions or in the *least* worst case - ticket from the police and driving license revoked.

What to do if you are not moderate drinker?

Give your body chance to recover from heavy drinking, with at least few days of rest.

This is extremely important for the liver. Liver regenerates completely if you give him time. There is a class of medicine that protects the liver from damage. (Hepatoprotectors). However most of them are probably product of chemistry and synthesis, and I don't recommend them.

The best 2 things, I've seen working on the liver are:

Vitamin B6 and B12 in all forms and

Silybum Marianum (Milk thistle) extracts.

They can be taken for a while to help the liver recover. I've seen hepatitis induced by steroids and drinking in a body builder to go away after few months of herbal treatment.


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