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The uninsured health policy

Updated on February 8, 2011
By Colleen Sproule
By Colleen Sproule

Natural medicine is an alternative to unaffordable drugs

Natural medicine is an alternative to unaffordable drugs

Here in the United State our eating habits are shaped by Television Shows, TV Commercials and Magazines Ads. The eating habit that we're a custom to in the US is not the same as some European countries, so it's no surprise why there are less obese people in Europe than there are in the US.

Now, as the economy tightens more people will lose their health care insurance. Families who have lost their health care coverage can be face with a dangerous condition, especially if members of that family are sick. It's always heartbroken to see people lose their health care insurance, manly when their children are already suffered from some type of sickness.

Sick people's lives all across the country are threading with this economic crisis. They can no longer afford to pay for their medications & doctor's bills. Those people who have lost their coverage can now turn to other alternatives such as herbal medicine. Something they would not have considered had they still hold a health care policy.

Furthermore, now that the economy has worsened those who have lost their health insurance coverage are better off than those who have completely lost their jobs. Companies that have been hurt from this economic crisis and still chose to cut their workers health care insurance instead of laying their employees have done a service to our economy.

 Those who have lost their health care insurance, it's unfortunate but it's not the end of the world. People who are sick, there is very little suggestion one can give you since your condition may require a medical doctor. But I can gladly advise anyone that natural medicine is an alternative to those prescribed drugs that they can no longer afford.

While your insurance policy provide you with the privilege of an occasional medical check up at a doctor's clinic, it also discourage you from maintaining your health when depend on it too much. As you should already be aware, there are many people without health care insurance who are living healthier than those who are insured. They have done it by subscribing to alternative medicine by practicing the method of preventive medicine.

That is to say, they don't wait until they' ve come up with a complication to ingest remedies. Likewise, you don't wait until your car break down to do a turn up, you diagnose your car to prevent potential problems, well in that case your health is no difference.

Alternative medicine is not a new idea; it has been an existence for centuries. It is what my grandmother refers to as doctor leafs. It is the most ancient medical practice in human history, and till this day you couldn't convince some people to substitute natural medicine for drugs.

Anyhow, I am no way saying that drugs are bad for your health; let’s get that clear, I'm simply saying if you can't afford drugs you can turn to natural medicines which are also helpful and cheaper. And beside even the pharmaceutical companies have begun selling natural medicine which are approve by the FDA.

Since not everything you eat has every nutrient in it, you should compensate by taking a multi vitamin. No one care more about your health than yourself. You may get all the advice you need, but nothing will come out of it until you decide to change how you look and feel. Eat right for your own sake; watch what you put in your mouth. Make time to exercise; exercise is not a temporary solution but a life time commitment.

Sometimes people compromise their health to acquire more money. An income is necessary for our survival; this is why we work overtime. However, we should not allow overtime to take priority over our health. The overtime will occasionally become available; our health may not, if left unmanaged for too long. Therefore, if you want the overtime take care of yourself first, you'll have more advantages than the other guy who have placed his health on standby for the over time.

I know that we all have bills but bills can also be reduced by making a commitment to buy what our pocket can only afford.

I have been mixing green tea with hibiscus which is widely known as rosemallow. Drinking this mixture relieves stress and fatigue. Now, I'm not advising anyone to do the same. Since our genetic makeup can differ, what's nutritionally good for me may not be good for you or vice versa. Drink green tea it will help, that I would advise anyone. Most people are not aware that green tea is a good source of antioxidant; it helps stable free radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals are unstable cells with less than 8 elections in their out of shells. By drinking green tea, you are supplying that cell with the missing election so that it becomes stable. When the cells are not stable their steal electrons from each other which cause a chain reaction that eventually lay the foundation for other complication in our body. Therefore, by drinking green tea, we are helping our body maintain a proper function which otherwise would have resulted in possible complications. I should also mention that there are other sources of nutritional good that are also enriched with antioxidants.

Eating healthy mean to eat a variety of different type of fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy that is nutritious. Everyone cheat themselves once or twice but the problem is that most people are not sure which food that is nutritionally healthy in nutrients. Instead they settle for process foods that are not nutritionally healthy. Eating healthy is a way of life; it is not a trend were today it's in style & two weeks later it's not. Eating healthy is the same as exercising; they're both requires a life time commitment. We don't realize that until we're confronted with the reality that our physical presentation is part of our resume.

If you're one of those people who represent a company, your physical appearance contributes to how the public sees the company you're projecting. So looks do matter, that's the reason why most executives have been tall and middle weight but never obese. We cannot afford to continue lying to ourselves any more, choosing our words carefully to describe those who are malnourished, only add comfort to their character. We should encourage them not by abuse, but by being realistic and honest. 

When I had a belly, my friends use to tease me; they say things like when you are due or how many months pregnant are you? And that is exactly what I wanted to hear to be stimulated so that I can do something about it. So you see, adding sugar on cookies don't always work, we must be honest and realistic about our health.

What some of us don't realize is that obesity affects our thinking process. The brain needs blood to function. The faster blood circulates the brain the better a person can think. Therefore, if you're too overweight your hart pumps blood to your brain at a slower paste than if you were a healthy 150 pounds person. The pressure at which your hart pumps blood to your brain become slower which therefore decreases the ability for your brain to function properly.

The same principle can be apply to erection. Libido which is known as sexual desire is simply energy created by blood circulation to the penis canal causing an individual to erect. If a person is not active blood circulation will be at a minimal which then will cause this person erection to decline.

I should also add that weight lifting alone doesn't contribute to better health. Its true purpose is to help one gain self confidence & strength.....which is good but to acquire internal health, cardiovascular exercise is a must. Swimming, running, bike riding & mountain climbing are all great cardiovascular exercises that a person can do to maintain internal health. As for weight lifting, I think its great if done after a cardiovascular exercise but not if performed alone.

To concentrate in weight lifting alone is similar with having a beautiful car with a rotting engine. What good is your beautiful body if your internal organs are faced with medical problems that can cause your health to deteriorate if left unmanaged? Weight lifting is good in a way, but it should not be the only exercise in your daily workout regiments.

We should reduce our stress level. Stress is one of the biggest contributors that can cause one to age fast. We often stress ourselves because of bills; as a result we work overtime, trying to accumulate enough money to pay those bills.

However, we should not allow overtime to take priority over our health. The overtime will occasionally becomes available; our health may not, if left unmanage for too long anything can happen. Instead, we should make time to exercise as a mean to reduce our stress. Remember that aging is a process of fatigue to overcome it; we must exercise for exercise is not a temporary solution but a life time commitment that can contribute to rejuvenation.


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